Box art - Streaker Run

Streaker Run iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • How do I unlock new photos? You will simply have to keep an eye out for them during the game. You can check out which ones you’re missing by clicking on the camera icon and opening up the album.
  • How can I get more cash for free? Somewhat obviously, you need to click the Get Free button on the main screen. Then you will be able to watch some ads or do some other tasks for in-game money.
  • How does the gem meter work? The gem meter on the right measures all the gems you collect and gives you a special score multiplier once it’s full.
  • How do I resurrect in the game? You need money to resurrect the character, so make sure you get some beforehand.
  • How do I unlock the uncensored runner? You can unlock this feature by paying 500 in-game dollars. It’s a lot, but you get what you asked for.