Box art - Goal Hero: Endless Scoring Soccer Game

Goal Hero: Endless Scoring Soccer Game iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Your main focus should be to fool the defender, mainly by swiping quickly to any side just before kicking the ball.
  • If you kick the ball towards the defender you get no points, so whatever you do, try to avoid him.
  • In case you happen to miss the goal, you’ll get a chance to run and try again. Make sure, however, not to hit any other players or obstacles as it is game over.
  • Despite the fact that you lose when you hit an obstacle, you can still continue the game if you press the continue button and watch a short ad.
  • For those of you who feel somewhat special, you can also buy team packs with real money which can improve your performance and give you a higher score.
  • When running, try to stay in the middle, as it gives you a lot more maneuverability.
  • Sometimes, as a last resort, you can use your ball to shoot down the enemies and clear the path, although you’ll waste a valuable shot towards the goal.