Box art - Bottle Flip 2k16

Bottle Flip 2k16 iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • Sometimes it’s better to put your phone on the table and play that way. It gives you the much needed stability.
  • Try playing with different fingers. Sometimes your thumb does a lot better job than your index finger,
  • You could also try changing the perspective, turning the phone around playing upside down. It doesn’t affect the game’s physics, but it offers you a new way of looking at things.
  • Ignore the global high scores because they are unreal and probably fake. Take your time and try to beat your own score.
  • Keep in mind that the score of 10 points isn’t half as bad as you might think. You also get a medal, which says a lot.
  • Since this game is mostly about subconscious mechanics, let your hand do the work and try to relax.
  • Get ready to get frustrated.