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Horizon Zero Dawn The Best Weapon and Outfit Mods

In Horizon Zero Dawn virtually everything Aloy& equips can be modified. With dozens of choices to choose from, it isn't easy to decide what mods to invest in. That's what were here for.

This guide will briefly go over how to get the most out of your mods.


Your Hunter Bow will be your go-to weapon throughout your journey. When outfitting this weapon, you will want to focus on raw damage increase. This will allow you to more efficiently take down enemies without relying on other tools. Skip the fluff, and go directly for straight damage improvements.

It is also recommended that you invest in fire mods for the Hunter Bow. Many enemies are weak to fire, and exploiting that weakness with your primary weapon is a great idea.

Outside of these two boosts, you will want to specialize your other weaponry in the other damage types. There are a variety of damage types, so you will want to equip other weapons like the Sharpshot with something other than fire. This will allow you to exploit weaknesses with each of your weapons providing you with tremendous offense against the games broad cast of enemy types.

Outfits can also be modded, and in this case you may want to invest in collecting different sets of outfits with resistance to different types of damage. While it takes a bit of effort to swap between different outfits, this will maximize your potential.

If you are interested in taking advantage of various weapon and outfit setups, we recommend pumping as much into damage increase as possible. This is a very reliable stat that doesn't hit diminishing returns like the others. Although this might not directly improve your survivability, being able to take down enemies quickly will result in shorter battles and minimize damage.