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Horizon Zero Dawn How To Get The Best Weapons In The Game

Although there aren't that many different weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn, there are quite a few upgrades you'll find throughout your journey. Weapons you find will vary in rarity, and power.

You may be wondering where to find the most powerful weapons. Put simply, you will require several crafty materials and metal shards (currency) to purchase epic weapons from the hunting goods merchants in Meridian.

In regards to the materials listed below, you can acquire skins from hunting animals, while hearts are a rare drop. Note that if you want a Watcher Heart, for example, you will need to farm Watchers until you receive the rare drop.

Damage types will also be listed, as they are very important to your loadout.


Shadow Hunter Bow

650 Metal Shard, 1 Watcher Heart

Hunter, Hardpoint, and Fire Arrows

Shadow Rattler

950 Shards, 1 Board Skin, 1 Rabbit Skin, 1 Fox Skin

Standard, Shock, and Freeze Rounds

Shadow Ropecaster

500 Metal Shards, 1 Snapmaw Heart. 

Fires ropes for crowd control.

Shadow Sharpshot

800 Shards, 1 Sawtooth Heart

Hardpoint, Tearblast, and Harvest Arrows

Shadow Sling -

650 Metal Shards, 1 Crystal Braiding

Freeze, Shock, and Fire Bombs 

Shadow Tripcaster

750 Metal Shards, 1 Scrapper Heart

Shock, Explosive, and Fire Traps