Box art - RAID HQ

RAID HQ iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Don’t forget to use your character’s special skill like, for example, 10% chance to avoid taking damage. Keep in mind that they’re all specific to their characters, so you need to learn them all.
  • Mines can take up to 30% of your health, so stay clear of them.
  • One interesting aspect in Raid HQ is the fact that you can actually attack your own base and see how well it will hold. To do this, simply go to the world map, and click on your headquarters.
  • While you can get a lot of gold by winning a number of battles, you can also do it peacefully, by exploring distant parts of your island.
  • Farming is somewhat disabled in this game as all the enemies become stronger after you defeat them. It’s a great challenge, though, for leveling up.
  • What characters you’ll bring to the raid depends mainly on the type of enemy you’re fighting. You don’t need to have all three colors in your team if two or one will do the job.
  • One of the first things you ought to upgrade is your gold storage. It can fill up quite quickly.
  • You can watch some ads to decrease the time it takes for your building to get made.