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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Increase Inventory Space By Doing This

Given all the materials and items you will collect throughout your journey, it is imperative that you increase your inventory space in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Below, we will go over how you can do so.

Meet Hestu the Korok

While traveling to Kakiriko Bridge, you'll run into Hestu the Korok. He will ask you to help him. To do so, head to the alcove just down the road where you will find these enemies. Upon defeating them you can loot a chest that will provide the item you're looking for. Head back to Hestu for a follow-up quest asking for you to to obtain Korok Seeds.

Collect Korok Seeds

The primary way of increasing your inventory space is by collecting Korok Seeds for Hestu the Korok, the same NPC you just met.

Korok Seeds are a collectible found throughout the game world. They are hidden in a variety of ways, whether it be by performing environmental puzzles, finding it in a hidden location, or even floating in the air. The good news is there are hundreds of them, so there's plenty to search for.

After finding a Korok Seed or two, simply head back to Hestu the Korok for an inventory upgrade. You will need to choose which type of inventory to expand. We recommend expanding your weapon inventory to start.

Note that after two turn-ins Hestu the Korok will move to a new location, which is his home in Korok Forest. This location is in the North end of the map past Hyrule Castle.

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