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Mass Effect Andromeda The Best Skills In Each Skill Tree

Mass Effect: Andromeda's skill trees feature a large number of options across Combat, Biotics, and Tech. In this guide we will go over our highest recommended skills in each of the three trees.

  • Concussive Shot - The concussive shot is one of the most powerful combat abilities in the game. It is dependable, simple, and includes crowd control capabilities.
  • Omni Grenade - This is a simple grenade found in most shooters, but it’s incredibly helpful in tough situations against swarms of weaker enemies enemies. It’s simple to use if you’re short an ammo and need to take out enemies that are approaching quickly.
  • Weapon Upgrade - Within the Combat tree are upgrades for each of the various weapon types. Which you use as your primary is up to you, and I'm happy to report that assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles are all relevant.


  • Annihilation - At initial inspection Annihilation doesn't seem all that special. However, it is the best skill in the game for priming targets for combos.
  • Charge - The charge ability is a super beefed up version of your jet pack’s small boost. It launches you towards an enemy at fast speeds, making it the perfect ability choice for more aggressive players and an absolute necessity for vanguard players.
  • Lance - Lance is a high reward ability that is best used as a finisher for combos. Unlike many other finishers, it is low cost, and can be used repeatedly if your loadout permits.


  • Assault Turret - The Assault Turret serves two purposes. One, it provides reliable supplemental damage. No matter if you're missing our out of position, the turret will continue to put pressure on enemies. Secondly, it's a great distraction. In some ways it can be looked at as a fourth wheel for your squad, providing support and suppression fire that opens your offense.
  • Energy Drain - Energy Drain performs much better than it appears on paper. Similar to Overload, it deals massive damage, and is one of the best ways to dispose of high HP enemies.
  • Tactical Cloak - If you aren't planning on playing a more passive build such as one that's built around the use of a Sniper Rifle, then skip this ability. However, for builds that have low uptime but high burst damage, Tactical Cloak is a godsend.


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