Twisty Sky iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Look way beyond your character when climbing, because you need to make sure he has good maneuverability when the push comes to shove.
  • Don’t forget to swipe the floor below you as you climb to prevent the Goonswarm from catching up with you.
  • Try to look for longer ladders, as they are much more useful.
  • Although time is of the essence, don’t forget to use the rotate keys to scan both sides of the tower quickly and determine the best route.
  • Because coins are usually placed on a longer route, think whether they’re worth the trouble.
  • Special floors will let you deal with the goons quickly, but you might need to set up some of the traps before that.
  • A Coffee Pot character is able to climb faster, but it comes at a price. As soon as the pot fills, the goons become faster as well. It can still be quite useful.