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Persona 5 How To Make Money (Yen) Fast

Money (Yen) in Persona 5 is an extremely important currency. You will use it to buy an assortment of useful items, in addition to it being required for some of the game's most enjoyable activities. Here are several tips for making Yen as fast as possible in Persona 5.

1. Use the third-eye ability inside Palace’s and Memento’s to grab the yellow colored treasure. Sell this treasure at the Military Weapon’s shop in Shibuya. Every bit counts.

2. Collect every single treasure you find in a Memento’s dungeon. You will often get valuable loot from these chests.

3. Play the lottery located outside the train station in Shibuya. It costs 3,000¥ to purchase a ticket and drawings are usually held after a week or two. During the summer you can pull more money due to a special lotto ticket.

4. Destroy the diamond treasure shadow you encounter inside a Palace or Memento. Occasionally you can walk up to a yellow glowing treasure piece and try to grab it, only to watch it transform into a giant diamond that starts running off. This indicates the presence of a special shadow. Attack the giant diamond and defeat the shadow in order to earn 8,000¥ and a lot of experience. There is a greater chance for these shadows to appear during a Rainy day.

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5. Talk to the shadows you fight and ask them for money. If you level up the Sun arcana to Rank 2, you will have a better chance at negotiating with these shadows. This perk also lets you repeatedly ask a shadow for money until it becomes angry. It’s best not to go past Rank 2 because the perk changes and you can no longer negotiate multiple times.

6. Level up your social link with Hifumi Togo to Rank 7 and earn a perk that will grant you double the money during a Chance Encounter for defeating all the shadows.

7. Level up your social link with fortune teller Chihaya Mifune to Rank 3 in order to earn a perk that will grant additional money when using an all-out-attack to finish a battle.

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Good luck on your journey to becoming rich!


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