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Zelda: Breath of the Wild A Guide To Defeating Fireblight Ganon

Having trouble with Fireblight Ganon? You aren't alone. He's a tough encounter, but we have a quick guide for you.

As with the three other Divine Beasts,Fireblight Ganon is a two-phase battle. Before you begin the battle make sure you have some form of fire resist. This can come from elixirs, but it is recommended that you wear a fire resistant armor set.

During phase one you will want to use the cover around the battlefield to avoid his fireballs, and learn how to read his telegraphed attacks. His spinning attack is particularly dangerous, not only because it does colossal damage, but can knock you off the map. His other melee attack has only one or two swipes and leaves him open to counter-attacks.

During this phase weave in and out of melee range taking one or two swipes before retreating. You can use arrows to supplement your damage output, too.

A lot of players have trouble during phase 2, particularly because Fireblight Ganon floats overhead with a shield preventing him from taking damage.

The trick here is to throw a bomb toward him when he sucks in air to charge up a fireball attack. He will telegraph this with a massive inhale, and you don't have to aim particularly accurate for your bomb to get inhaled by him. Once the bomb goes off, Fireblight Ganon will fall to the ground and be exposed to massive damage.

After this you can deal with him in the same manner as phase one, just be sure to avoid fireballs.

Upon defeating Fireblight Ganon you will be rewarded a Heart Container and Daruk's Protection.


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