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Persona 5 What Every Stat Does (Knowledge, Guts, Kindness, etc.)

Here is a quick breakdown of all five Persona 5 social stats and their descriptions.

Stat: Knowledge

Description: Gaining more knowledge will help you get a better grade on an exam.

How To Raise: 

Answer the correct questions in class,

Study during a rainy day at the school library or diner

Complete the crossword puzzle at Le Blanc cafe during the night

Read a book on the train during your commute

Stat: Charm

Description: Earning more charm will help you pursue a romantic relationship.

How To Raise: 

Order Fruit Tea at the diner in Shibuya

Go to the bathhouse during the evening

Achieve a positive score during your midterms and final exams

Hang out with Toranosuke Yoshida by the train station in Shibuya

Hang out with Oya Ichiko at the bar in Shinjuku

Stat: Guts

Description: Raising your guts will help you open more conversation paths and new social links.

How To Raise:

Do clinical trials for Tae Takemi to raise the Death cooperation

Order Coffee at the diner in Shibuya

Do the Big Bang Burger challenge at night

Read books that will raise your guts

Stat: Proficiency

Description: Maxing out the proficiency stat will help you during combat and unlock Haru’s social link.

How To Raise:

Play at the batting cage

Work at the beef bowl restaurant

Craft tools in your room

Hang out with Munehisa Iwai at the Military Gun shop in Shibuya

Stat: Kindness

Description: Earning more kindness will help you during dates and help you unlock Ann’s social link.

How To Raise:

Work at the Rafflesia flower shop

Feed the plant in your room

Order a Nostalgic Steak at the diner in Shibuya

Hang out with Sokiro Sakura at the Le Blanc cafe


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