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Persona 5 How To Make 50,000 Yen To Start The Game

Money is extremely powerful in Persona 5. Not only can you use it to buy items to keep your party alive, but you can equip your squad with potent weapons and armor.

There are a lot of great ways to make money in the game, none better than through a quick trick that uses free DLC. Simply head to the PlayStation Store and under Persona 5 download the "Persona 5 Healing Item Set".

This set of items will serve you well in terms of keeping you and your party alive. More importantly, there is one item included that's worth a whole lot of money.

The Soma can be sold to any vendor for a whopping 50,000 Yen. To put that in perspective, you will earn around 300 to 450 Yen per battle during the first 25~ hours of the game. Using this money you can easily deck out your party with the best weapons and armors available early on, and make sure that you avoid dying.

In regards to selling the item, you can visit the Clinic for a quick option.

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