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Persona 5 Which Difficulty To Play On?

There are a total of four difficulty options in Persona 5. You will be asked toward the beginning of the game which you'd prefer to play on. Here's what you need to know.

First, as long as you pick Easy, Normal, or Hard, you can toggle between the difficulties at any time by visiting the Config menu. Thus, it is recommended that you choose one of these three difficulties as to provide yourself with options later on.

The Safety difficulty is meant only for players who have a very hard time with games, and don't plan to put any effort into the combat portion of the game. This difficulty has the following attributes:
  • Defeat in battle does not result in a game over. 
  • You deal much more damage in combat.
  • Enemies deal much less damage in combat.
  • Enemies take longer to spot you outside of combat.
  • The alert meter increases at a much reduced rate if you're spotted by enemies outside of battle.
  • Experience points gained from battle increase dramatically.
  • Money gained from battle increases dramatically.

In regards to Easy and Hard, these alter how much damage you and enemies do to one another, how easy you are to spot, as well as how much experience and money you gain from battle.

With this in mind, we suggest starting on Normal and altering the difficulty as appropriate. The game does get much harder at around the 40 hour mark, so at that point playing on Easy is understandable.


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