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Persona 5 What Event Did Emperor Nero Add To The Olympics?

One of the first quiz questions you'll be asked by your teacher in Persona 5 is the following:

What event did Emperor Nero add to the Olympics so he could participate?

This is a question with an interesting answer.

Emperor Nero spent many years trying to improve his voice, going as far as placing weights on his chest to "strengthen his voice" and practicing singing for upward of an hour a day. He considered it one of his three favorite pastimes next to driving a one-horse chariot and poetry.

During the Olympics at or around A.D. 66, he added events for singing and acting. Although he would take gold medals from both events, it is said that his singing wasn't any good, to a point where people pretended to be dead so they could be drug outside of the halls and not have to listen to him anymore. Sound crazy? Well, it's true, or so the story goes.

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Thus, the answer is "singing".

Upon submitting the correct answer you will be awarded a point in Knowledge. Note that there are many other ways to earn Knowledge, and we wrote about them in this quick guide.​


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