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The Elder Scrolls Legends Tips For Winning Card Battles

[Editor's Note: This guide was written by appsecit with contributions made from the official TES: Legends forum.]

Interesting Mechanics & Tactics
  • You summon a creature in Shadow Lane and then move that creature to normal lane (with a card like Shadow Shift) and that creature will retain Cover in the normal lane
  • When you move a creature to Shadow Lane (with a card like Shadow Shift) from Normal Lane that creature will receive Cover
  • Projectile attacks will retain keywords. So your Trebuchet can Drain, Allena Benoch one damage will be Lethal
  • Summon effects will trigger regardless of you play it from you hand or creature summoned from another effect (just a reminder to HS players)
  • Spells that work on Wounded creatures such as Finish Off will work on creatures who debuffed (-1/-1) so they don't need to be damaged
  • If enemy creature is received health buff when silenced it won't retain the damage. For example 2/2 buffed to 4/4 (+2/+2), you damaged it with 1, now 4/3, then you silenced it, it won't be 2/1 it'll be 2/2 again. So silence first then damage if you can
  • If a card summon a new minion at the start of your turn and if the lane is full, minion will be summoned on the next lane
  • You can cancel summon effects! (not sure if all can be cancelled, there is is a cancel icon on the right hand corner of the card, press it and it 'll cancel summon effect. For example Dune Smuggler doesn't have to move another creature)
  • If you have 10 cards in your hand and someone uses Cast Out (or other return creature to your hand card) it isn't destroyed like in Hearthstone, you can have 11+ cards this way. (Talezeusz)
  • Unless it's stated creatures with summon effects can target themselves. (Punkttxt)
  • Some cards with summoning bonuses that let you draw a specific card DOES NOT require you to have that card in your deck, it will generate the card from nowhere (Example: High Rock Summoner - Summon: Draw a random atronach) (TheBigBoss0wn)
  • Elixir of Magicka (the card given to you if you start the match as second) - Activate: Gain 1 magicka, is a support card and can be destroyed by any card that targets support cards (TheBigBoss0wn)
  • If you cause a tie in a game, you win. If you and your opponent are both at 2 hp and you play afflicted alit (deal 2 DMG to each player) you win. (RedditsHermes)
  • When "Ahnassi" Steal Ward it won't trigger "After creature loses a Ward..." (JHoward_FR)
  • Creatures with drain that attack a creature with a ward, will give you no health. (Gamadeus)
  • Since the magicka potion is a support card, Craglorn Scavenger benefits from using it when it is on the board. (3 Magicka 1/2: when you play or activate a support give Craglorn Scavenger +1/1) (Gamadeus)
  • A breakthough creature will not do any face damage if you hit a warded creature. (BattleOoze1981)
  • "When Attack" will trigger before a minion dies, so when attack works first.
  • Some other ones from TESL Forums (Pyrius01)
  • You can´t Silence the effect on a creature generated by an ongoing Support card.
  • You can Silence a creature with Cover in, removing the Cover effect and allowing you to attack the creature. So Shadow Lane is not like a support card.
  • You can Silence your own creatures to remove let´s say a Shackle effect, allowing you to attack with it (But be warned: ANY other effects on the creature will be Silenced too).
  • You can target yourself with a direct damage spell (like Lightning Bolt).
  • You can sacrifice/kill one of your own creature in a full lane by playing another creature into the full lane. You then will be asked to select one of the existing creatures in the lane to sacrifice. This way you can trigger the Last Gasp effect of the creature (of course after attacking with it; House Kinsman comes into mind) and/or get it into your discard pile (there are cards that benefit from this) and/or to “activate” an effect that says something like “If a creature died this turn” (like Feasting Vulture or Disciple of Namira)
  • A Creature with Guard never can get Cover.
  • Your magicka can be more than 12 permanently with cards lik like Tree Minder. You can play Tree Minder anytime and it'll still increase your max magicka.
  • If a creature with Ward has an effect that triggers if it loses the Ward (like Breton Conjurer) you can activate the effect again IF you manage to give the creature an new Ward (with cards like Wardcrafter or Lesser Ward). (added by Eirichur).
  • Have you noticed any other interesting mechanics?