Box art - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Don’t Press Me Easter Eggs

There are 4 “Don’t Press Me” Easter Eggs in the game in various locations. They don’t serve much purpose except they are fun and a bit of a challenge to find.

The first one is located in Koani, in the northwest part of the map. When you see that huge, completely white and uniform terrain, start investigating the southern part of it. You will eventually come across a button in the middle of nowhere. When you press it, the hills in the distance will explode and that’s about it.

The second one can be found in La Cruz. It is at the top of a hill, just northeast of the river. Climb onto the hill or fly there with a helicopter and you will find that same old “Don’t Press Me” sign next to a button. Of course, you’ll press it and see missiles flying towards you, only to turn to confetti on impact.

The third Easter Egg is located in Malca. It is southeast of Santa Muerte Idol, on the top of a mountain. It is fairly easy to spot the button because it’s next to a big, creepy statue. When you press the button, the statue will catch fire and that’s about it. Nothing too spectacular.

The fourth and the final Easter Egg can be found near the Olico Super Dam in Pucara. It is located just right of the place where the river starts to widen and ultimately heads towards the dam. Use the chopper to get to this location quickly and you’ll easily spot the button. Once you press it, you’ll see some great fireworks in front of the dam.