Final Fantasy Anthology – FF5 FAQ

*This guide works for the Final Fantasy Anthology version of FF5 on PS* -GR

Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide
Super Famicom
Japanese Version
Version 1.2
Made by Exdeath
E-Mail: [email protected]

              Exdeath's Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide

This is the Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide. This copyright belongs 
to me and may not reproduced in any way without consent of me. This 

is freely distributed as long as the copyright remains. You may use 

this Strategy Guide or parts of it, but give me full credit where it 
is due. 

If you would like to help me with this Strategy Guide, E-Mail me at 
[email protected] I would really appreciate your help if you can 
give it to me. If you see any mistakes that you wish for 
me to clear up, also mail me.

In this guide I will note the level I recommend your characters being, 
treasures in the area, boss strategies, and common things to do. 

*Note: I realize my level recommendations might seem a little high, 
    especially during the first part of the game, but if you're pretty 
    high in levels at the end of World 1, the game goes by pretty 

Version Info:

-Version 1.2
     *New strategy for beating Omega! 
     *Info added on several useful hints and strategies
     *Important info added in certain sections needed to 
       progress to certain areas in the game
     *New info added on the game's endings

-Version 1.0    
     *Entire walkthrough written
     *Abilities list written
     *Finished spell checking and grammatical errors
     *Notes, more info on bosses added after first draft
     *English script added (thanks Mark Rosa)


World 1:

1. The Wind Stops.
2. The Pirates.
3. Town of Tule.
4. Wind Crystal Shrine.
6. Back to Tule and on to the Canal.
7. Ship Graveyard.
8. Karwen Village.
9. Northern Mountain.
10. Walse Castle.
11. Walse Town.
12. Walse Tower.
13. Tycoon Castle.
14. Walse Meteor.
15. Karnak Town and Cid.
16. The Fire-Powered Ship.
17. Escape from Karnak!
18. The Ancient Library.
19. To Karnak and Back.
20. Jacole.
21. Crescent Island.
22. From Lix to Istory.
23. The Ancient Library and Quicksand Desert.
24. Gosh and Lonka.
25. The Meteorites.
26. The Lonka Ruins.

World 2:

1. The Solitary Island.
2. Exdeath's Castle Basement.
3. Rugoru and Koozer.
4. Mouguli Forest and Town.
5. Bal Castle and Quelb. 
7. Valley of the Flying Dragons.
8. Back to Bal and Ghido's Dwelling.
9. Surgate and Zeza's Fleet.
10. Barrier Tower and Ghido the Sage.
11. Muah Forest and Town.
12. The Elderly Tree.
13. Exdeath Castle.

World 3:

1. Tycoon Castle and the Western Valley.
2. Ghido, the Ancient Library, and the Pyramid.
3. Exdeath appears and the new airship.
4. Crescent and Solitary Island.
5. Fork Tower.
6. Improved Airship and the Great Deep
7. Getting Odin.
8. Phoenix Tower.
9. North Mountain.
10. Getting the Mimic Class.
11. Istory Falls and extra things.
12. Cleft of Dimention. 

Complete Ability List - All 100 abilities in the game, what they do.
Complete Translated Script - The entire text from the game. Very useful 
     if you don't know much or any Japanese.


World 1:

1. The Wind Stops. (Level: 1)

You start out by seeing the King of Tycoon Castle leaving Lenna in 
charge. Lenna is the princess of Tycoon Castle, and the King has left 
because he is worried that the win has stopped. Then, it cuts to the 
pirates, and Faris, the leader of the pirates. Then you see Galuf, riding 
the meteor to this world. The meteor crashes into this world and you 
will gain control of Butz. He will tell Boko, his Chocobo, to stay behind. 
Go up and around and fight the two goblins that are trying to take 
Lenna away. Kill them and meet her, then go upward to meet Galuf. 
Galuf and Lenna leave for the Wind Crystal Shrine. 

2. The Pirates.  

Treasures:  Kawa no Boushi  (Leather Hat)

Walk Butz out of the meteorite site and north of where he started, 
eventually, Boko will crash into the wall. You will have to fight a 
few goblins several times until you get Lenna and Galuf to join your 
party. They find out the road to Tule is down, and they need to get 
a ship somehow. Go into the cave to the Pirate ship and gain a few 
levels by the pool that fills your HP and MP up. Go up and through 
the winding cave, collecting the treasures as you go. Push the switch 
that the pirate did to go into the cave. Go across the bridge to the 
ship and press the "A" button the wheel of the ship. You will meet 
Faris here. After explaining why you were trying to take the ship, 
Faris will join you and leave for the Wind Crystal Shrine. The pirate 
will ask you if you know the way to the Wind Crystal Shrine, pick the 
top answer (Yes) if you do, and pick the bottom one, (No), if you 
don't. If you pick "No", the pirate will drive you over to where the 
Wind Crystal Shrine is. Don't go into it just yet, though. 

3. Town of Tule. (Level: 4) 

Treasures: 100 Giru, Potion x 2, Etel, Fenix no O x 2, Tent x 2, 150 Giru, 
Kawa no Kutsu (Leather Shoes)

If you don't have Level 4 yet, I suggest that you walk around outside 
of the town awhile until you get to that point. Go inside the town, Faris 
will head inside the Pub and drink for awhile. Go into the various shops, 
buy anything that you need and make sure to buy the magic. Also, if 
you're new to this game, you may want to visit the House of Beginners.

4. Wind Crystal Shrine. (Level: 5)

Treasures: Tent, Bload Sword, Tsue (Staff/Cane), 
Kawa no Boushi (Leather Hat)

This dungeon is not difficult at all if you are level 5. When you first 
enter, go off to the left and get some info on King Tycoon and get a 
few free potions and fill up your HP/MP. Keep going up a few floors, 
gaining each treasure you come across, until you fight Wingrapter. 

Boss of the Wind Crystal Shrine:      Wingrapter.   HP: 250

How to defeat:  Only attack it while it's wings are open. 
      Attacking when it's wings are closed will make it counter-
      attack with Tsume (Iron Nail). An easy way to beat it is to 
      get Bload sword for all members and just keep attacking it 
      until it dies.

After you beat the Wingrapter, you get your first jobs. The jobs are:

Knight, Monk, Thief, ShiroMadoushi (White Mage), KuroMadoushi 
(Black Mage), and AoMadoushi (Blue Mage). 

You'll want to walk outside of the Wind Crystal Shrine and fight a bit 
with your new classes. Right now I recommend Butz as Knight, Lenna 
as Black or White Mage (Kuro or Shiro Madoushi), Galuf as Monk, 
and Faris as Blue Mage or Thief. Doing this will give you good abilities 
with magic and attack. Also, if you are really strong, go a little bit south 
of the Wind Crystal Shrine and to the right on the strip of land, fighting 
the Lion-like enemies gets you a lot of ABP, fighting three of them at a 
time will get you 3 ABP a battle.

6. Back to Tule and on to the Canal. (Level: 7) 

Go back to Tule using the ship, and go to the northern house in the city, 
this is Zokku's house. After your party spends the night here, you will 
get the "Unga no Kagi" (Canal Key). Leave town and go to the canal a 
little bit south of the Wind Crystal Shrine. Open the door with the key that 
Zokku gave you. Syldra will leave at the end of this part. 

Boss of Torna Canal:  Kalablos.    HP: 650    Weakness: Thunder
How to defeat:  He's pretty easy, all you really need to do is attack. 
        A normal state. Just attack her when she's in normal state. 
      When she becomes undead state, a good way to beat her is to 
      use "O Kearu" (Cure), on her with White Mages (ShiroMadoushi).

7. Ship Graveyard.  (Level: 8)

Treasures: Tent, 990 Giru, Phoenix no O x 2, Flail, Antidote x 2, 

Keep following the ships, you should find your way through easily, 
gain levels as you go through, some of these enemies give you some 
decent experience.  **

**Note: I know many people have problems with this stage of the 
               on the SNES emulators because of the various layering 
               effects of emulators. I don't think there is a good way around 
               this, so if you're here on an SNES emulator, it might be a little 
               harder to navigate around.

Boss of the Ship Graveyard:   

How to defeat:  Having one or two Monks or Knights helps when 
      she's in normal form. When she's in undead form, a good way of 
      beating her is to use "O Kearu" (Cure) with White Mages 
      (ShiroMadoushi). Just keep attacking when she's in normal form, 

8. Karwen Village.  (Level: 10)

Treasures:  Kori no Rod (Ice Rod), Cottage, Antidote.

You will learn about Walse Castle and Hiryuus, flying dragons, in this 
town. Buy whatever you think you need here, and change your jobs 
according to what you think is best. Now is a pretty good time to gain 
some levels outside of the town, if you need to.

9. Northern Mountain. (Level: 11)

Treasures:  Kin no Hari (Golden Needles), Phoenix no O

Go through the mountain, collecting treasures as you go, and you'll 
go through a few forks. You'll eventually fight Forza and Magisa at 
the middle of the mountain.

Boss of Northern Mountain:  

Forza: Level 8, HP: 850
Magisa:  Level 8, HP: 650

How to defeat:  If you get hit by strong magic, heal by using either 
       a potion or "O Kearu" (Cure) spell. An easy way to defeat them 
       is to make 4 Monks or Knights and just waste Magisa with attacks
       before she can even call Forza to come to her aid.

You now have control of the Hiryuu. Fly to Walse town, south of Karwen 
town. You can also go back to Tycoon Castle to get some good treasures 
if you want, Tycoon will be accessed by the Hiryuu for as long as you have 

10. Walse Town.  (Level: 13)

Treasures: Silver Glasses

You will learn about the Water Crystal here. Buy the best weapons and 
armor for every character, and be sure to buy any magic you don't have 
yet. You may want to gain a few levels outside. After you're done, head 
to Walse Castle.

11. Walse Castle.  (Level: 13 or 14)

Treasures: Tent, Phoenix no O, 490 Giru, Elf no Manto (Elf Cloak), 
1000 Giru x 2, Supido (Speed).

Talk to the soldiers and the King of Walse, you will see the second 
meteorite crash into the earth. Go with the King to where the meteorite 
crashed, which is a little northwest of Walse Castle. Don't go into the 
basement of Walse Castle right now, it is very dangerous, but you'll 
come back later.

12. Walse Tower. (Level: 14)

Treasures: Otome no Kissu (Woman's Kiss), Ether, Silver Bracelet, 
Siruku no Robe (Silk Robe).

Keep heading up the tower, and talk to King Walse, who is on the 
ground. Proceed up the tower, getting the treasures by climbing 
the vines.  You will eventually get some Crystal Chips, and you 
must then fight Galura, the boss of Walse Tower.

Boss of Walse Tower: Galura  Level 3, HP: 1200

How to defeat:  An easy way of defeating Galura is to just use 
          "Kaeru no Uta" (Frog Song) on him, so he becomes very 
          weak. He mainly uses physical attacks, so just keep hitting 
          him with Monks and Knights.

After this battle, you gain the following jobs:

TokiMadoushi (Time Mage), Mahoukenshi (Magic Knight), 
Shoukanshi (Summoner), Baasaakaa (Berserker), and 
AkaMadoushi (Red Mage).

Now is a good time to get the treasures in Tycoon castle if you 
haven't done so already, you may want to try out your new jobs 
and gain a few levels. 

13. Tycoon Castle. (Level: 15) 

Treasures:  Otome no Kissu (Woman's Kiss), Elixer x 2, Ether x 2, 
Phoenix no O x2, Giyama no Kane (Giyama's Bell), Shuriken, 
Ashura, Iyashi no Tsue (Heal Rod), Cottage x 3, Hi-Potion.

Just grab all the treasures you can. Some are a little hidden, but 
I'll let you figure out how to get them.

Go back to Walse Castle and talk to King Walse, he'll tell you 
information about Karnak. 

14. Walse Meteor. (Level: 15)

Go to the meteorite, there is a hole in it. Go through the small 
passage in the meteor, and you'll eventually find a warp that 
brings you to the meteor close Karnak. Walk northwest, and 
then south. Go to Karnak Town.

15. Karnak Town and Cid. (Level: 15)

Go to the weapon or armor shop and try to buy something, you 
will get caught and brought to the Karnak Castle prison. You will 
meet Cid in the next jail, as he is trying to escape. He'll ask you to 
help him by stopping the Fire Crystal from breaking. After you 
talk to Cid, you will be let out of the castle. Buy the best magic, 
weapons, and armor from the shops here, and talk to the people 
of Karnak. 

After you bought "Faira 2" (Fire 2), go back to the Castle of Walse 
and go behind the castle and to the back waterfall. Keep going 
until you fight Shiva, use Faira 2 on her, and she should be easy. 
Now you have your first level 2 summon, Shiva. Now is a great 
time to gain levels around Karnak.

16. The Fire-Powered Ship. (Level: 17)

Keep going through the ship, there are various ways with different 
treasures. The elevators will switch your levels for you, and there 
are single treasures in many rooms. When you see a room with four
openings, take the one all the way to the right to get the Green 
Beret. After you got it, you'll end up back at the same four choices 
room. Take the second opening on the right to eventually get the 
Thief Glove. You'll return again to the four choices area. Take the 
second opening to the left, and you'll proceed. When you fall down, 
take the left door, and you can save. After the save point, you'll find 
an interesting puzzle that you'll need to complete in order to pass. 
I'll give the solution to the puzzle, don't read it if you want to try it 
on your own first.

Solution:  Click the first switch you can possibly click. Get off that 
                  platform and click the switch all the way to the left. Click 
                  the switch in the upper-left, and run across the room and 
                  click both switches on the other side. Walk downward 
                  and click the higher switch while you're standing to the 
                  right of it. Click the last switch, and you'll be brought to 
                  a place by an Elixer. Grab it and proceed to the boss.

Boss of the Fire-Powered Ship:  Liquid Flame.
Level 19, HP: 3000.                       Attribute: Fire and Wind. 

How to defeat:  You'll need to heal after you get hit by his Fire Magic. 
     Bulizado (Blizzard) magic series is very effective on him, but don't use 
     magic while it's in the form of a hand. Only attack it with strong attacks 
     when it's in the hand form. 

17. Escape from Karnak! (Level: 19)

Treasures:  2000 Giru x 2, Elixer x 6, Elf's Cloak, Main Gauch, 
Shuriken, Ribbon, Esna Spell, Raijin no Jutsu. 

After you leave the crystal room from the whole, you'll have 10 
minutes to escape from Karnak Castle. It's really important that 
you have one of your characters be a Thief and have the "Dash" 
skill, because you don't want to waste any time at all. Be sure to 
save at the save point. Run up the staircase, and get the two treasure 
chests that you see quickly. Go to upper-right staircase. It's a good 
idea to run from every enemies that you run into except for the enemies 
in the treasure chests, since they give you things after defeating them. 
Get the treasures on the left and the right of the room. In these treasure 
chests, you will fight enemies. These enemies cast the Blue Magic spell 
"Aero", so it's a good idea to learn it now. Go to the central door. Run 
around and go through the door at the bottom. Go through the next 
floor quickly, there is no treasure here. When you get to the room with 
the carpet, go to the upper-right staircase. Run to lower exit and get the 
treasure box, fight and kill the enemy. Run along the left and right castle 
walls, and in one of them, you will get the "Elf no Manto" (Elven Cloak). 
Return to the room you left from, and get every treasure chest you see. 
Run down the central staircase and you'll end up in the carpeted room. 
Go down and get the treasures on the left and right sides, and fight the 
enemies. Go down and fight the Sergeant. 

Boss of Karnak Castle:  Sergeant      

How to defeat:  When you get hit with the Death Claw Blue Magic spell, 
    one of your characters will have only a few hit points. Make sure to 
    heal this character quickly. Normal attacks work just fine for defeating 
    him, and Monks are the most effective.

*Note:  Make sure to learn the Blue Magic spell "Death Claw" here, it's 
    one of the most important Blue Magic spells in the game, and it should 
    be useful throughout.

Try to gain a few levels afterward. If you can get to level 25 going past 
Karnak, the rest of World 1 will be pretty easy.

18.  The Ancient Library. (Level: 23)

The wall that was blocking your way to the west is now gone, so you 
can follow the path west. There's a good opportunity to gain a good 
Blue Magic spell on the way to the Ancient Library.

Gaining Aqualung:  Before reaching the desert following the western 
   passage, be sure to save your game. Once saved, enter the desert. I 
   recommend changing all of your characters to Monks here. Make 
   sure at least one of the Monks knows the Blue Magic ability "Learn 
   Blue Magic" Enter the desert, and you will fight the Durumu Kimaira 
   (Chivera). He will probably cast a deadly Blue spell, "Aqualung". Once 
   he has cast it, keep hitting hit with everything you've got. Use Store Power 
   or plain attacks with the Monks. After killing him, you will get the Blue 
   Magic spell "Aqualung".

When you get to the Ancient Library, save your game and use a Tent. 
When you enter the Ancient Library, go to the main hall and talk to the 
scholars. You will learn about Mid, Cid's grandson, and about the Ancient 
Library. Go to the basement of the library from the left door under the 
bridge when you entered the library. There is a great Blue Magic spell, 
"Level 5 Death" that can be gained here from Page 64 enemies.

Gaining Level 5 Death:  To get this Blue Magic spell, you must first make 
   sure that at least one member of your party is a level multiple of 5, but 
   one or more members cannot be a level multiple of 5, or all of your guys 
   will die in the process. A few of the books in the library have the enemy 
   "Page 64", and when you meet him, he will more than likely cast "Level 
   5 Death". You'll need a Blue Mage or the skill "Learn Blue Magic" to get 
   it, of course. After he casts it, just win the battle, and you've got a new 
   piece of Blue Magic. :)

After you've gotten Level 5 Death, proceed through the library, going into 
various dead ends and pushing the switches to open up new areas. Going 
farther into the library, you will meet Ifrit, the Fire Elemental.

Boss 1 of Ancient Library:  Ifrit.
Level 22, HP: 3000         Attribute: Fire     Weakness: Ice

This battle shouldn't be hard at all. Casting Shiva with a Summoner is 
very effective, and when you have more than 1 Summoner, it's even 
more effective. :) Black Mage's Bulizara magics work very well, too. 
After you've beaten Ifrit, the Summoner can cast the Ifrit Summon. 

When you get Ifrit, a bookshelf that wouldn't let you pass before now 
will. Proceed through the library, and at the bottom, you'll fight Biblos. 

Boss 2 of Ancient Library: Biblos.
Level 24, HP: 3600        Weakness: Fire

Try your most powerful Faira (Fire) magics on him. Ifrit works well. 
Attacking Monks also help. A good way to beat him is using "Death 
Claw" Blue Magic (Ao Mahou) spell. He shouldn't be too hard, but 
he is harder than Ifrit.

19. To Karnak and back. (Level: 24)

You must talk to Mid in the Ancient Library. Then, leave for Karnak. 
Talk to Cid in the pub. You'll get the Fire-powered ship. When you 
go back to the Ancient Library again, the scholars will say new 
things. They'll inform you of Jacole.

20. Jacole. (Level: 24)

This town is located on the peninsula in the south-western part of 
the world. Buy new items and weapons, and learn of your next 
destination, the Dungeon of Jacole.

Treasures in the Dungeon of Jacole: Tent, Shuriken, Dengeki Muchi 
(Lightning Whip).

When you enter, press the switch on the left. This enables you to 
move around. There are a series of switches on the walls. After the 
switches blink for awhile, a 'true' switch will be revealed. Hit this 
switch to proceed. In the treasure chest at the end, there is a hidden 
switch. Hit it to reveal a new door. There really isn't anything you 
need to do here, but you'll come back later. The wall in the back can 
be climbed, but don't do it yet.

21. Cresent Island. (Level: 25)

When you first go into Cresent town, your ship will sink (Doh!). The 
village folks speak of the Kuro Chocobo (Black Chocobo). There 
is an additional song you can get here, "Tairyoku no Uta" (Health 
Song). You may also learn "Death Sickle" Blue Magic spell here 
by fighting enemies outside of the town. After you've done everything 
you need to do in the town, go into the Chocobo Forest (southwest 
of Cresent town). When you get in, catch a Black Chocobo by 
pressing 'A'.

You will gain two additional classes here. They are:

Ginyuu Shijin (Bard), Karyuudo (Archer/Hunter). 

After you get your new classes and KuroChocobo, head north of 
the Wind Crystal Shrine, and you'll arrive at Butz's hometown, Lix. 

22. From Lix to Istory. (Level: 26)

There really isn't much to do in Lix. But, there is a new song that 
you can learn. Go into Butz's house and get "Yuuwaku no Uta" 
(Song of Temptation).

After you've packed up, head to Istory. It's northwest of the 
entire world map. When you're in the city, stock up on weapons 
and armor, and whatever else you think you need. You can get 
the Black Magic "Toad" by walking on the square flower garden 
to the west part of the town. If you go into the sheep's pen, talk 
to one of the sheep, and it'll kick you over the fence. Once you're 
over the fence, talk to the nearby Bard and get the Song: "Ai no 
Uta" (Song of Love). 

Outside and around Istory are very good places to gain levels at 
this point of the game. It may be wise to stop awhile and fight. 

You can get Ramuh summon spell here. Go to the forest slightly 
to the east, and keep fighting until he fights you. He shouldn't be 
hard at all. 

Boss of Istory Forest: Ramuh.   
Level: 21, HP: 4000     Atrribute: Thunder

Death Claw works incredibly well in this battle. Use that right 
away if you have it. If you don't have it, use Monks or Knights 
to beat him out physically. It shouldn't be too hard, considering 
your levels.

After you've beaten Ramuh, a new item named "Ramuh" will end 
up in your inventory. Use the item to get the new Summon spell, 

This is a really great place to stop to gain levels. Most battles 
yield 2 or 3 ABP, which is pretty good, considering what you've 
been through so far. It's a good idea to master Magic classes with 
Lenna and Butz, and Physical classes for Galuf and Faris, for now. 

23. The Ancient Library and Quicksand Desrt. (Level: 28)

Tlak to Cid and Mid, and you will learn about King Tycoon. Exit the 
library, and go west past the mountain range, and into the desert. 
When you enter the desert, the sand worm will attack you. When 
you get their, you're asked if you're ready to go in or not. Select 
'yes' if you're ready to fight it.

Boss of the Quicksand Desert: Sand Worm. 
Level 18, HP: 300                  Weakness: Water.

Aqua Breath is incredibly useful for this battle. Just one use of this 
Ao Mahou spell should kill it. If you cast magic on the little holes, 
they'll revenge with "Ryuusa". "Stop" is a pretty good spell as 
well. Use anything from the Water magic class.

24. Gosh and Lonka. (Level: 28)

It's not very hard to navigate through the quicksand to get out of the 
desert, just keep trying until you get to the right path. When you get 
to the southern exit, walk south. Enter the village and you'll see King 
Tycoon (?). Keep going to where he leaves to, and he will appear 
and reappear. If you found him, he'll eventually take to the center 
staircase. Follow him there. When you get their, you'll fall through a 
pitfall. Go through the door at the end. 

When you get to the room with the beds, go to the right table in the 
right room and read the paper on the table. If you follow the 
instructions written on the paper, you'll get 2 Shurikens and a 

*Solution to puzzle:  Go to the button on the lower-left wall, press 
"A". Say 'no' to the first question, and 'yes' to the second 
question. This should reveal your treasure. 

When you get the airship here, you'll get attacked on it by 

Boss on the Airship (Once you get it): ClayClaw
Level 43, HP: 2000       Weakness: Thunder

Mahouken Sandara will work well. He'll use a special ability on 
you called TailScrew. This is a devestating attack, but it shouldn't 
be too hard to help it with healing magic spells. Also, if you're 
really low on HP, it might be a good idea for a AoMadoushi (Blue 
Mage) to cast "????", which does greater HP damage when your 
HPs are low. Also, "Raijin no Jutsu" can be thrown at him to do 
some huge damage. It's a good idea to steal a "Sango no Ken" 
(Coral Sword) from him, as this is the best sword for a Knight 
at this point in the game. 

When you beat ClayClaw, go to the town of Gohn. The Lonka 
Ruin will rise. Return to the Catapult (Where your Airship is 
launched out of, under the sea, near crescent island).

25. The Meteorites. (Level: 30)

When you return to the Catapult, Cid will ask for you to obtain 
some Adamantite, so your airship can fly higher and meet up with 
the Lonka Ruin. Go to the Meteor near Tycoon (You were here 
at the very start of the game). When you go inside the Meteor, 
a boss is guarding it.

Boss of the Tycoon Meteorite:  Adamantaimai
Level 20, HP: 2000       Weakness: Ice (Buluzado)

This is a very humorous battle, if you know how to win it right. Just 
use "Level 5 Death" you learned from the Ancient Library, and that 
will totally destroy him. ^_^  If you don't have Level 5 Death, use 
"Protetsu" on your characters, then cast high-level Bulizado attacks.

After you have beaten Adamantaimai, return to the catapult and 
give the Adamantite to Cid. The airship will now be powered up and 
you can press "B" while in the air to go up to the Lonka Ruins.

26. The Lonka Ruins. (Level: 31)

There are 4 cannons around the opening, and you'll have to defeat 
these cannons first before moving into the interior of the Lonka 
Ruins. It's easiest to beat these by using the Ramuh summon spell, 
and they shouldn't be a big problem at all. Once you beat all of 
the smaller cannons, the middle cannon will open up, and you will 
have to fight it, as well. If at any time you need to leave this flying 
area, you can take your airship out of here to sleep at an Inn or 
buy items.

Boss of the beginning of Lonka Ruins: Sol Cannon.
Level 36

Just use "Level 5 Death", as it will destroy 2 of the 3 launchers. 
Sandara will work very well on the remaining cannon. This 
battle should be really easy.

Treasures in the interior of Lonka Ruins: Gold Armor, Gold Shield, 
Elixer, Hi-Potion, 5000 Giru, Shuriken, Kodai no Tsurugi, Power 
Wrist, Engetsurin, Cottage, Ether.

It's a REALLY good idea to have a Thief in the party for this area. 
This allows you to see all of the hidden passages within the area. 
It shouldn't be too hard, just keep searching for treasures, and 
moving along, and you will eventually fight ArukeoEibis.

Boss of the Lonka Ruins: ArukeoEibis.

ArukeoEibis has 2 phases:

Phase 1 - Level 19, HP: 6400
Phase 2 - Level 20, HP: 2500

This is one of the harder battles in the game, I think. Since Arukeo 
is fairly strong, and he can change his weakness with "Barrier 
Change", this will be a tough battle. You can see his weakness 
by casting the Shirmahou spell "Raibura". Monks are very good 
for this battle, as well. After he revives, notice his level is multiple 
of 5, so you know what that means, Level 5 Death time. ^_^

Jobs Obtained after beating the Lonka Ruins: 

Samurai, Ryuukishi (Dragon Knight), Kusurishi (Chemist), Odoriko 

After the last crystal breaks and gives you those classes, Exdeath 
returns, because the seal is broken. Galuf leaves back to his planet, 
and you will only have 3 characters in your party. Go to the 
catapult and read the letter that Mid wrote. He's returning the 
adamantite to where you found them. Go to Tycoon, to the first 
Meteorite. There is nothing to do here but just let the meteorite 
destroy the power in the adamantite. Then, you have to go to the 
Karnak Meteorite. Here you will fight Titan.

Boss of Karnak Meteorite: Titan.
Level 1, HP: 2500                            Attribute: Earth.

It shouldn't be too hard to beat him. You'll need at least one 
person to heal, though, as his attacks can be devastating. He will 
cast "Earth Shaker" when he dies. After you beat him, you will 
receive the "Titan" summon spell.

Next, go to the Walse Meteorite. You'll have to fight PyuroBoros.

Boss of the Walse Meteorite: PyuroBoros
Level 22, HP: 2200       

This is one of the simplest battles in the game. All you have to do is 
have a Samurai on hand and have him do "Zeninage" (Coin Toss). 
It should die within one throwing of this. Simple enough. :)

Now go to the meteorite near the Tower of Gone. You have to 
fight Kimaira Brain.

Boss of Town of Gone's Meteorite: Kimaira Brain.
Level 19, HP: 3300

Do not use any of your Bulizado (Ice) mahou, as it will be absorbed. 
Make sure someone has "Kearura", because it will cast Blaze, a 
very powerful spell. Death Claw AoMahou (Blue Magic) is the 
best strategy here. If you don't have it, use "Gravite" spells, as it 
has a weakness to it.

*Note: You are about to leave the first world. You can do 
            whatever you want, but there are a few things I recommend 
            that you do before leaving.

1) Get the Elf no Manto (Elven Cloak) and Speed Magic from the 
    basement of Worus castle if you haven't done so. 
2) Gain a few levels. If you're high levels at this part of the game, 
    great. But if you aren't, it might be really wise to gain a few, as 
    there are much harder enemies in the next world. Once you 
    think you are prepared, follow the arrows on the map and head 
    to the warp zone.

This is the end of the first world.

World 2:

1. The Solitary Island. (Level: 32)

The first thing you need to do in this world is use a Tent. If you 
don't have one, you'll have to keep fighting the enemies around 
this area until you can find one. If you don't find one, tough luck. :) 
Use a Tent.

When you are getting to sleep, Abductor tries to take Faris and 
Lenna. You'll have to fight it with only Butz.

Boss of Solitary Island: Abductor.
Level 22, HP: 1500

Very simple. Just attack, really. It doesn't have very many good 
attacks, and you can easily nail it out of the sky with just plain 
attacks. I wish most of the other bosses in the game were this 
easy. :) If you don't think you're strong enough, just use your 
Death Claw AoMahou.

2. Exdeath's Castle Basement. (Level: 32)

This is where you have to rescue Butz, Lenna, and Faris with Galuf. 
It's good to have Galuf as either a Monk or Samurai (I normally 
put him as a Monk, because he inflicts huge damage with it). After 
a few corridors, you'll find your friend's items. Then you'll have to 
fight Gilgamesh. (Cool music! ^_^) 

Boss of Exdeath Castle: Gilgamesh (Ya' think it'd be Exdeath!)
Level ??, HP: ??

This is probably also one of the more simpler battles in the game. 
Just use normal attacks again. He doesn't have a set ammount of 
HP, but once you inflict a certain ammount of damage, he'll run 

After beating Gilgamesh, you escape from Exdeath Castle. Once 
out, you have to go to Big Bridge. There you will have to fight a 
few enemies, and then Gilgamesh again. 

Boss of Big Bridge: Gilgamesh.
Level: ??, HP: ??

Don't just attack him out of the blue, because he'll power up so 
that he's much stronger (He casts Shell and Protetsu). Cast 
"mahouken-sairesu" at the very start of the battle, so he can't cast 
those magics to power up. It shouldn't be too hard after that.

3. Rugoru and Koozer. (Level: 33)

Not much to do here, but buy all of the new mahou and weapons 
and armor. Also, when you sleep here, Galuf will get up and leave 
to the Pub. Just walk Butz over to the Pub and talk with Galuf. 

It's a good idea to gain a few levels outside here, as the enemies 
are not too hard, yet give good gold and experience. After you 
think you're ready, head south to the castle of Koozer.

When you get here, make sure you save outside. The enemies 
inside are extremely hard, so run from all of them. You can go to 
see the 12 legendary weapons here. You will eventually get these 
weapons later in the game, but not now.

4. Mouguli Forest and Town. (Level: 34)

Treasures here: 4400 giru, Fenix Down.

When you come here, talk to the Moogle and head with him 
down to the underground river. You have to fight Tirasaurs here.

Boss of River: Tirasaurs. 
Level 29, HP: 5000              Weakness: Fire

This is an undead monster, so it's very good to use Faira 2 and 
Kearura (Cure 2) on it. These spells should knock off considerable 
ammounts of damage, as should the "Gravite" spell. After blasting 
him with a bunch of spells, and healing here and there, he's dead.

Wen you get across the Grociana desert and enter the forest, you 
come to Mouguli village. Try not to wander off into the desert 
while you get there, because "SandCrawler" will surely kill you. 
If you wear the Mouguli doll you can get the Elf no Manto here.

5. Bal Castle and Quelb. (Level: 35)

Whats going on here: It turns out that Galuf is actually the king 
here, which you find surprising. There are a lot of enemies outside 
the castle that you can fight for experience and gold, but don't 
exit right away, because you won't be able to get back in. 

Make your way to Bal Castle. There are many things you can get 
and do at Bal Castle. If you walk counter-clockwise around the 
Bal Castle moat, and search the dead end, you can get a Great 
Sword. There is a Tenshi no Hakui (Angel Robe) behind the back 
of the armor shop. There's a hidden switch between the weapon 
and armor shops. The weapon shop clerk will give you the "Ramia 
no Tategoto (Ramia Harp).

*Note: This is one of the best places in the game that you can get 
ABP fast. In the basement of Bal Castle, many Sekizou enemies 
attack you. These are easily slain by Level 5 Death. It gives you 
4 ABP if killed in a group of 2, and 8 ABP if they're killed in a 
set of 4. It is imperative that you up jobs here, as you will need to 
master a few to beat the game efficiently.

After doing all that you can with level gaining and information, 
leave the castle and head north, to the town of Quelb.

Enter the house in the center of Quelb. This is Kelgar's house. He 
was one of the 4 Knights of Dawn that Sealed Exdeath away. 
Kelgar will open the door on the north side of town. You can learn 
the spell "Reqiem" from the wolves in the northeast corner of the 
town. In the inn, a wolf gives you 8 potions each time you talk to 
him, and you can possibly get a maximum of 24 potions. Just a 
little freebie that you can pick up. :) You'll gain more information 
about the story here, and your next destination is the Valley of 
Flying Dragons.

7. Valley of the Flying Dragons. (Level: 36)

Treasures here: Cottage, 5000 giru, Bone Mail, 7000 giru, 
Kazekiri no Yaiba, Hyupuno Crown, Fenix Down.

It is essential that you get the "Golem" summon here. It is fairly 
easy to get. After awhile, you will eventually get into a fight with 
Golem, who is being attacked by 2 monsters. If you beat the 
two other monsters without having Golem die, he gives you his 
summon spell for helping him. This summon is a really good one, 
too, since it can protect you from a lot of damage. You will 
eventually have to fight the next boss, Hiryuu sou.

Boss of Valley of the Flying Dragons: Hiryuu sou.
Level 29, HP: 12000 

Your newly accquired summon, Golem, works very well here, 
as it will block a lot of Hirryu sou's attacks. Zeninage "Coin Toss" 
will work incredibly well on this boss, if you have the money to 
spare, this is a good idea. Otherwise, use "Gravite" spells and 
normal attacks. It has a lot of HPs, but it will eventually die.

8. Back to Bal and Ghido's Dwelling. (Level: 37)

You just have to give the Hiryuusou to the Hiryuu. It'll revive and 
you can use it in this world now. Go northeast from Bal, and you 
will reach Ghido's Dwelling. It's really too bad that once you get 
to, the entire island sinks. :) Not to worry, though...head west to 
Surgate Castle.

9. Surgate and Zeza's Fleet. (Level: 37)

You will learn a lot about another of the 4 Knights of Dawn here, 
Zeza. Make sure you buy the best weapons and armor availabe 
for your party members, and if you go to the king's bedroom, you 
can get the "Subayasa no Uta" (Song of Speed). There is a special 
trick to do here, if you go to the library and arrange the scattered 
books correctly. From left to right, the books are: "Kindan no Sho", 
"Mamono Daijiten", and "Ronka no Himitsu". Here is a small 
picture of what the bookshelves will look like:

__1__   __2__  __3__  
__4__   __5__  __6__  __7__
__8__   __9__  __10__  __11__

Put "Kindan no Sho" into bookshelf 7. 
Put "Mamomo Daijiten" into bookshelf 2.
Put "Ronka no Himitsu" into bookshelf 9.

Once you have put the books in the right shelves, you will be 
rewarded with the magic "Leviteto". 

Leave Surgate, and head to Zeza's Fleet (It's east of Exdeath's 
Castle). You meet Zeza, the Knight of Dawn, and you sleep on 
the ship. When you are sleeping, monsters raid the ship. Ignore 
the wandering enemies and head straight for Gilgamesh, on the 
bow of the ship. He'll show up this time with a new posse, 
Enkidou. :)

Bosses of Zeza's Fleet: Gilgamesh, Enkidou.

Gilgamesh: Level ??, HP: ??
Enkidou: Level 29, HP: 4000

Physical attacks work well on Gilgamesh. Enkidou can be beaten 
by "Gravite", or by just casting "Confuyu" on him. Just keep 
hitting Gilgamesh with physical attacks, and Enkidou with magic, 
and it shouldn't be too hard.

*Note: Gilgamesh carries the "Genji no Kote" (Genji Gauntlet). 
       This cannot be found anywhere in the game but here, and is 
       the best Gauntlet in the game, so make sure to steal it here.

10. Barrier Tower and Ghido the Sage. (Level: 37)

Treasures here: 9000 giru, 18000 giru, Blood Sword, Kin no 
Kamikazari (Gold Hairpin).

You start at the very bottom, but keep working up to the top of 
the tower. It's pretty straightforward, so it shouldn't be too hard 
going through here. Once you get to the top, you'll have to fight 

Boss of Barrier Tower: Atomos.
Level 41, HP: 19997

He is a pretty hard enemy, but not too hard to beat if you have 
the right combination of characters. Get 2 Monks, a Samurai, and 
a ShiroMadoushi (White Mage) here. Have both of the Monks 
attack, have the Samurai use "Zeninage", and have the 
ShiroMadoushi keep healing whoever needs it, as his "Comet" 
attack is really powerful. "Slow" also works on him.

After you've beaten the Barrier Tower, you acquire the submarine. 
Head to Ghido's Dwelling underneath water (It's on the island that 
sunk, remember?). You'll have to go through a small cave, and 
when you get to the end, you meet Ghido. He will tell you a lot 
about Exdeath and Muah Forest, and give you more about the 
storyline of the game. He will also give you the "Chourou no Eda" 
(Stem of Elderly Tree), and tell you to go to Muah Forest.

*Note: Now is a good time to get the summon spell of Katoblepas. 
      Use the submarine, and go undersea. There is a small white 
      dot on the north-western part of the world map. Go to that 
      place by the underwater cave. Go around inside that cave until 
      you fight Katoblepas. After you beat it, it will give you it's 

Katoblepas: Level 38, HP: 5000

It's best just to use physical attacks here. Keep in mind that it can 
use a "Devil's Eye" spell on you to turn a character into stone. This 
shouldn't be much of a problem if you have an Odoriko (Dancer) 
with a Ribbon, though. Physical attacks by Monks and Ninjas work 
the best.

11. Muah Forest and Town. (Level: 37)

To get to Muah town, just use the submarine and go to the western 
part of the world. Once there, look around to where Muah town 
is (it's surrounded by mountains). You can go underwater and come 
up, and you'll be close Muah town. Enter. You can get the "Main 
Gauche" here to the left of the Pub. The locked doors to the 
southwest cannot be opened yet, but you will come back much 
later in the game. Gather information here, and head to the Great 
Muah Forest.

Treasures in Muah Forest: 2000 giru, Etel, 4500 giru, 9900 giru, 
Fenix Down, Elixer, Cottage, Kyojin no Kusura (Medicine of the 
Giants), Aegis Shield, Flame Tongue, Morning Star, Susu, Flame 
Shield (If you didn't take the Aegis shield).

Use "Chourou no Eda" to enter the great forest. Once there, keep 
collecting all the treasures here, and fight the enemies. It is a good 
place to raise levels and ABP. After collecting all the treasures that 
you can and finding the right way through the forest, Exdeath will 
set fire to it. After you collect the remaining treasure, enter the 
Mouguli hole.

12. The Elderly Tree. (Level: 38)

Use "Chourou no Eda" and the tree will open. Inside, you must 
fight "Fuuin wo Mamoru Mono" (Guardian of the Seal). 

Boss of the Elderly Tree: Fuuin wo Mamoru Mono.
Level 77, HP: 7777 (each part)

This battle is extremely easy if you have 4 Samurais, and just use 
"Zeninage". However, if you don't do that, "Gravite" spell works 
well, and "Titan" summon works well, too. After a few spells 
or Zeninages, it will die.

                BIG SPOILER


After the battle, Exdeath kills Galuf. Don't fret, though, because 
Galuf's grandaughter, Kururu will join. She gets all of the abilities 
that Galuf used to have, and is pretty much the same in terms of 
strength and individual stats.

After you have gotten out of this big scene, and you don't have 
very much cash, it's a good idea to go to Gilgame's cave. There 
is a lot of treasures here, all filled with giru as high as 40960. 
However, in this cave, you could fight Gilgamesh. To beat him 
here use the Bulizado magic and nail him with Monks and Ninjas. 
He shouldn't be that hard here, although he does have 32768 HP.

13. Exdeath Castle. (Level: 40)

Treasures here: Daia no Tate (Diamond Shield), Etel x 2, Elixer x 2, 
Ice Shield, Hayate no Yumiya (Gale Bow), Ice Brand, Kotetsu, 
9900 giru, 8000 giru, Twin Lance, Partisan, Fuuma Shuriken.

Go to the front door. You'll have to go through all of the floors to 
reach Exdeath. In the 3rd floor, there is an illusion of Exdeath. 
Just go back a bit. It isn't hard to progress up the tower from 
here, because it's fairly linear, but when you get to the 10th floor, 
get Karbunkle summon here by beating it. He always has "Reflec"
cast on him, so your mahou that you cast on him will bounce back 
and hit you. However, if you cast "Reflec" on your own party 
members, and hit them with mahou, it will bounce of them and 
hit him. Also, Katoblepas can sometimes kill him in one cast.

You will have to fight Gilgamesh on the 12th floor.

12 floor: Gilgamesh
Level ??, HP: ??

This is an incredibly easy battle. Normal attacks will beat him. Just 
make sure to have a healer on hand if you need it, otherwise, just 
use normal attacks, and waste him.

On the 13th floor, you'll have to fight Exdeath...

13th floor: Exdeath
Level 66, HP: 32768

Make sure to cast both "Golem" and "Karbunkle" to protect 
your party during this fight. After you're all protected, pound 
away at him using Zeninage, normal attacks, and Ninja's Double 
Hits or Monks. After awhile of dueling, he will die.

After the battle with Exdeath, he merges the two past worlds 
together into one world. Are you ready?! 

End of World 2.

World 3:

1. Tycoon and Western Valley. (Level: 40)

Boko will come back to you. Ride it north and fight Antolion 
at West Valley. You'll regain Faris.

2. Ghido, the Ancient Library, and the Pyramid. (Level: 41)

Go to Ghido's dwelling, and Exdeath will come here. He'll 
talk of destroying you, but won't succeed. :) After he leaves, 
head over to the Ancient Library. Get the "Maryoku no Uta" 
(Song of Mahou) on top of the library. Get "Fuuin no Sho" 
(Concealed Book). This is used for opening the seals around 
the temples. Once you have it, go to the Pyramid.

Treasures here: Noroi no Yubiwa (Cursed Ring), Ice Shield, 
Flame Shield, Dark Matter x 7, Shiro no Robe (White Robe), 
Kuro no Robe (Black Robe), Elixer x 4, Ibara no Kanmuri 
(Thornlet helmet), Kuro Shouzoku (Ninja Wear), Crystal Mail, 
8000 griu, 9000 giru, Daichi no Hammer (Earth Hammer), 
10000 giru, Ribbon, Cottage, Mamori no Yubiwa (Ring of 
Protection), Kin no Kamikazari, 12000 giru.

This isn't such a hard of a dungeon, but there is a hard enemy 
that is randomly encountered here, "Machine Heads". You 
can't run away, and they have 7210 HP, so be careful. When 
you get to the very top, you'll get your first Sekiban. These 
are used to get 3 of the 12 legendary weapons (3 x 4 is 12, so 
that must mean that there's 4 dungeons with Sekiban in them 
^_^). Also, Bahamut will show up, and then he flies to North 
Moutain, where you will have to face him later.

3. Exdeath appears and the new Airship. (Level: 42)

You will meet with Exdeath as you are walking back to the 
Ancient Library. He sucks the library into "mu" (nothingness). 
and you will have to fight another boss, Meryujinnu. 

Boss at the Library "mu" site: Meryujinnu.
Level 33, HP: 20000

It is imperative that you have 4 KuroMadoushis (Black Mages) 
here. She can use "barrier" change, and change her weakness 
to Fire, Ice, or Lightning. So use magic like Gravite, Aero, Bio, 
and things other than those, and her gaining life on account of 
you using the wrong magic shouldn't be a problem. 

After you beat her, Lenna will join up again.

Travel to the east coast. You will find a new airship here. If you 
ride the airship, Exdeath will suck some more towns or castles into 

It's a good idea now to go back to the Pirate's base, as you will 
learn the "Syldra" (Faris's dragon) summon here. 

Now, head to the castle of Koozer for your choice of 3 of the 
legendary weapons. Because of the classes I like the most, I 
usually take the Excalibur, Assasin Dagger, and Sasuke no 
Katana on my first visit. However, take the weapons according 
to the classes you use most often. 

*Note: There are really hard enemies here, so be sure to save 
     the game at the entrance.

4. Crescent and Solitary Island. (Level: 43)

You will get information about Mirage town from the citizens here. 
Go to the town by heading into the forest south-west of crescent. 
Buy all of the Level 6 magic spells here, and you will find the last 
piano here to play. There is a Black Chocobo here that will be 
very useful later.

Now, head to the Shrine on the Solitary Island.

Treasures here: 12000 giru, Elixer, 9000 giru, Rising Sun, Etel x 2, 
Beast Slayer, Ryuu no Kiba (Dragon Fang), Dark Matter, Circlet, 
Mamori no Yubiwa (Ring of Protection), Crystal Helm.

You have to go through an air duct in this dungeon. If you hit the 
switch to the right, you will get an Elixer. Head back to the switch 
room, and hit the left switch for 9000 giru, and hit the fight switch 
up to go forward. This isn't too hard of a dungeon if your levels 
are pretty high, but when you get to the end of it, you'll have to 
fight Stalker.

Boss of Solitary Island Shrine: Stalker.
Level 7, HP: 20000

This enemy is very strange, in that it changes it's form to 4 
creatures. Only one of them is the real monster. Don't use 
mahou on everything, as he will counter with a powerful 
magic. It's really good to use "Zeninage" here, as it will 
attack all of the segments with physical damage, hitting the 
true Stalker as well. 

5. Fork Tower. (Level: 43)

Treasures: Etel (Ether), Hi-Potion, Wonder Wand, Defender.

In this tower, one party goes to the "Tower of Mahou" (left), 
and the "Tower of Power" (right). Only mahou attacks are 
allowed in the Tower of Mahou, and only physical attacks are 
allowed in the Tower of Power. At the top of each tower, you 
will have to fight two bosses. For the Tower of Mahou, you 
must fight Subete wo Shirumono.

Boss of Tower of Mahou: Subete wo Shirumono.
Level 53, HP: 16999           Weakness: Wind 

You can only do magic attacks on him, or you will have to begin 
the battle again. It's really easy to beat him if you cast "Baasaku" 
(Berserk) on him. He won't be able to use any more of his mahou 
anymore, but he can still use normal attacks on you, so you might 
want to use a "Golem" summon. He isn't that hard from there, 
just use "Earoga" on him, and any other wind mahou you might 

You'll also have to fight the Minotaur in the Tower of Power.

Boss of Tower of Power: Minotaur.
Level 37, HP: 19850

No magic at all can be cast in this battle. You'll have to heal your 
characters with normal items. Just make two Monks, or a Monk 
and a Ninja, and keep beating him with normal attacks. If you 
put the Monk on "Guard" status, he will take no damage from 
Minotaur's physical attacks, and he'll counter-attack sometimes 
if you are hit. This shouldn't be too hard with 2 physical fighters 
in your party.

*Note: Keep in mind that whenever you receive a "seikban", you 
      can take 3 additional weapons from the legendary weapons 
      display in the Concealed Castle of Koozer. Just head back 
      there to get your weapons after you've collected them.

6. Improved Airship and the Great Deep. (Level: 44)

Go to the catapult and get airship modifications from Cid. You'll 
now be able to use your airship as a submarine, as well. After 
you've gotten this, go through the Dwarf Kingdom and head to 
the bottom floor.

Treasures in the Great Deep: Suiton no Jutsu, Honoo no Yubiwa, 
Ryuu no Kiba, Etel, Kaizer Fist, Fenix Down.

There are a HUGE number of undead monsters in this dungeon, 
so you might even want to use your healing magic on them. Also, 
"Requiem" doesn't take any MP to use, yet it gives undead 
monsters a lot of damage. There are a series of switches here, 
and it shouldn't be that hard to find your way through, so keep 
moving on, collecting all the treasures that you can here. At the 
end of the dungeon, you'll have to fight 3 bosses.

Bosses of the Great Deep: 

Toraiton (Red Creature): Level 37, HP: 13333    Weakness: Ice
Phorbos (Green Creature): Level 39, HP: 13333   Weakness: Earth
Neregeid (Blue Creature): Level 20, HP: 13333    Weakness: Fire

All of these bosses are immune to mahou other than their weakness, 
so it's a good idea to use the summon "Syldra" here. Also, have 
KuroMadoushis use individual mahou on the monsters, according 
to their weaknesses. "Requiem" also works here, and hits 2 of 
the 3 enemies.

After this, you can get 3 more weapons from Koozer. There should 
only be 3 weapons left now.

7. Getting Odin. (Level: 45)

Now is a good time to get another useful summon, Odin. To get him, 
go to the Jacole dungeon, and climb the wall in the back (You should 
have already been here...remember?). Go up and meet Odin.

Level 2, HP: 17000

You have to beat Odin in 60 seconds, or else he will automatically 
destroy the party. "Holy" and "Flare" mahou work very well here, 
and so do throwing Shurikens. Even high level attacking Monks 
will work. If you can't beat him the first time, keep trying. After 
you beat him, you get his summon. Also, you can steal "Mamori no 
Yubiwa" (Protection Ring) from him.

To get to the Phoenix Tower, you need to pick up that Black 
Chocobo you found in Mirage, and bring him here, since the 
airship can come here, but it can't land in the forests like the 
Chocobo can. 

8. Phoenix Tower. (Level: 46)

Treasures: 5000 giru, 10000 giru, 15000 giru, 20000 giru,
25000 giru.

When you get into here, search the middle wall. You will be 
brought to a series of rooms, each with 2 staircases in it. If you 
pick the right one, there will be no enemies, but if you don't, you 
can be attacked by enemies. Try to do this on your own, but if 
you're the cheating type...

Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, 
Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, door.

On some floors, you will meet the enemy "Magic Pot". If you 
feed him an Elixer when you meet him, he will give your entire 
group 100 ABP each. This is great for mastering classes, and 
is well worth it, I think. Also, a lot of the enemies here have 
great items to steal. Make sure to steal them. When you get to 
the tower, you will get the Phoenix summon. 

9. North Mountain. (Level: 46)

North Mountain is right above the forest you landed the Black 
Chocobo in earlier as you went to the Phoenix Tower. You will 
have to beat Bahamut at the top, and he is a very tough 

Boss of North Mountain: Bahamut.
Level 99, HP: 40000

This is one of the toughest battles in the game. The best mahou in 
the game works best here, like Holy, Flare, Meteo, and Syldra 
summon. "Slow" and "Stop" also will work, but Stop doesn't 
work that well. This should be a long battle, but hopefully, you'll 
win. :)

10. Getting the Mimic Class. (Level: 46)

When Walse sank in World One, there was one crystal shard that 
wasn't reachable. Well, you can get that shard now. Use the 
submarine, and search around until you find it (Hopefully, you'll 
remember where Walse was). You start at the top, and you have 
to go toward the bottom of it. You only have a certain time limit 
for this (people can't hold their breath that long, ya' know! ^_^). 
At the very bottom, you'll fight Gogo. 

Walse Sunken Tower: Gogo.
Level ??, HP: ??

This is probably the easiest battle in the game, if you know what 
you're doing. Otherwise, it's the hardest. :) When you first meet 
him, he'll say "If you do what I do, you can win". Well, he won't 
do anything at all, so just sit there. You'll win in a matter of 
minutes. :) After this battle, you'll receive the Mimic class, the best 
class in the game.

11. Istory Falls and extra things. (Level: 47)

Treasures here: Etel, Air Knife, Kame no Koura (Tortoise Shell), 
Mamori no Yubiwa, Reflec Ring, Enhancer Sword, 12000 giru, 
Aegis Shield, Artemis no Yumi (Artemis Bow), Fuuma Shuriken, 
Kyojin no Ono (Giant Axe), Kyojin no Kusuri (Giant Medicine), 
Rune Blade.

There is a white spot on the map near Istory Falls. You have to 
get here via underwater cave. There are a few tricks to getting 
the chests here. On floor B3F, you need the Thief's "Dash" 
ability to get the chest on the other side of the water, but it is 
still very hard. Also, on B5F, you get to the bottom floor by 
jumping in the holes. You open the hole by the switch to the side 
of it. There is a hard enemy here that you can encounter randomly, 
Tonberi. He has 39393 HP! After you beat him, though, you can 
sometimes win a very great piece of armor, the Mirage Vest. 
After awhile, you'll have to fight Rivaiathan.

Boss of Istory Falls: Rivaiathan.
Level 39, HP: 40000         Weakness: Lightning/Thunder

Mahouken Sandaga work very well on him. He is weak to 
thunder, so summon "Syldra" also works very well. I found 
that Knights with Two Hands ability and two strong swords 
will also do a lot of damage. After awhile, you'll kill him, and 
receive his summon. 

Now you can go back to Koozer, and get the last of the 12 
legendary weapons.

*There are a few more additional things you can do to help you 
beat the game more easily, and I'll list a few that are most 

Getting the Chicken Knife or Brave Sword:

Go back to the town of Muah. The locked door that was here 
before can now be opened. Go in, and you'll have to walk 
through a small forest. When you get to the end of it, you'll 
talk a person, and he will offer either to give you a Chicken 
Knife or Brave Sword. If you've run away from a lot of 
battles in the game, take the Chicken Knife. If you haven't 
run away much, take the Brave Sword. The Chicken Knife's 
power is increased by running from battles up until the point 
you get it, and the Brave sword is just the's 
strongest if you haven't run away from many battles. It also 
decreases every time you run. Also, the Chicken Knife 
sometimes has the effect of making you run away! It's really 
a matter of personal preference, but if you run away a lot 
throughout the game, I prefer the Chicken Knife over the Brave 

Master Pianist: (That's playing the piano. ^_^)

If you've played all of the pianos in each of the towns, you can 
become a piano master. After you've played them all, go to 
Crescent Town, and a Bard tere will give you "Eiyuu no Uta", 
which raises your levels during battle.

Also, if you want, it's not very important, but you can go to a 
bay south of Karnak, and to a cave to the right side of the bay, 
and a man will tell you the number of fights you've been in, the 
number of monsters slayed, your average experience points 
per battle, your treasure box collection percentage, and 
number of times you've saved.

It's now time to go to the final dungeon, slay Exdeath, and 
restore peace to the world. It's time to enter the void to the 
Cleft of Dimention.

12. Cleft of Dimention. (Level: 50)

Yes, I think it'll be a lot less work for you if you're on level 
50 or above here, because some of the later bosses here 
are really tough, and you'll be able to insure getting out of 
here and beating the game quickly. :)

There are 6 sections to the Cleft of Dimention. The Ruins, 
Forest, Dungeon,Towers, Castle, and Last Floors. 

Cleft of Dimention Ruins:

Treasures here: Etel, Cottage, Elixer x 2, Blood Sword, Dark 

There isn't much to do here. You climb up by using the chains 
on the walls. Just make your way through, but you haven't 
seen nothing of this dungeon yet. :)

Cleft of Dimention: Forest

Treasures here: Ryuu no Kiba, Riris no Rod (Riris Rod), 
Enhancer Sword.

This isn't hard at all to make your way through, either, but there 
is a boss at the end.

Boss of the Forest: Karophysteli.
Level 68, HP: 18000

She uses "Reflec" to deflect mahou to you, but you can use 
"Dispell" to get rid of that. She doesn't have a particular weakness, 
so just pound away with normal attacks, or Zeninage, or anything 
you've got that you think will destroy her.

Cleft of Dimention: Dungeon

Treasures here: Tenshi no Yubiwa (Angel Ring), Honoo no 
Yubiwa (Flame Ring). 

You enter from the top of the waterfall. Make sure to heal up 
and save on the save point here. Right after, you will see a 
mechanical creature walking around. This is Omega. You can 
ignore it and walk on, but you can also fight it. It's a very hard 

Boss of Dungeon Zero: Omega.
Level 119, HP: 55530

Omega is the second toughest boss in the game, right behind 

First of all, Omega is weak against lightning attacks. A very good 
way of beating him is to make three characters Mahoukenshis. 
Also, have one character that can heal the party. Having double 
cast is also a really big asset. It is really preferred if you have at least 
one master Mahoukenshi, because then you'll be able to cast the most 
powerful lightning spell on your sword. It's also a really good idea to 
give two swords to each of your Mahoukenshi. After you have made 
all of your Mahoukenshis (or Suppins, anyone that can use sword 
mahou), have them cast the most powerful lightning spell that they have 
on themselves (or each other). After you do this, just attack him 
very quickly, and if you are consistent on this strategy, he should 
go down quickly. Make sure to have your healer constantly casting 
Cure 3 on your party, and having double cast ability is even better, 
because you will get twice the HP restored.

I just beat him recently when all of my characters were level 65 
Suppin masters. It might take a few tries, but if you follow my 
strategy, you shouldn't have too much trouble on him.

After you get past Omega, you fight Apanda.

Boss of Dungeon: Apanda.
Level 59, HP: 22200             Weakness: Fire

Cast "Baasaku" (Berserk) on Apanda, and use Fire Magic, but 
not "Ifrit" summon, because he will heal himself and the beserk 
status. Keep blasting him with your KuroMadoushis.

Cleft of Dimention: Towers

Use the Thief's "Kakushi Tsuuro" ability to see all of the hidden 
paths. Otherwise, they're invisible. There are a few really tough 
enemies here, so use your best fighters. Especially Ninjas and 
Dragon Eibis. There isn't any boss to this section, and it's not 
very long to beat. But, it is quite hard, because of the ultra-tough 

Cleft of Dimention: Castle

Treasures here: Tooru no Hammer (Hammer of Thor), ManEater, 
Erumesu no Kutsu (Herme's Shoes), Akai Kutsu (Red Shoes), 
Rainbow Dress.

Go straight and dwon the staircase to the left. You will go to a 
jail-like place, and you will have to fight Apocaryopus. 

*Note:  Apocaryopus has the ability to cast every single AoMahou 
    (Blue Magic) spell in the game. You might want to learn some 
    important ones if you don't have them already.

Boss of Castle: Apocaryopus.
Level 57, HP: 27900                  Weakness: Poison

Use Bio! It inflicts about 7500 damage each cast, so just keep 
pelting him away with Bio spells from KuroMadoushis, and 
normal attacks with Monks, Knights, Ninjas, or Samurais.

After you beat him, it opens up a save point, so make sure to 
heal and save. After you save, explore the rest of the areas in 
the Castle, and get the Herme's Shoes in the left wing, and Thor's 
Hammer in the right wing. You'll eventually have to fight 

Boss 2 of Castle: Catastrophe.
Level 71, HP: 19997

Any strong normal attacks here work. Be sure to have someone 
on hand that can heal the party at any given moment, though, as 
this could be a hard fight. If he uses "Akuma no Hitomi", use 
Kin no Hari items to cure it.

Then, enter the central door. You fight Harikarunassosu as you 
are walking up the staircase. 

Boss 3 of Castle: Harikarunassosu.
Level 97, HP: 33333

Most any normal attacks work here, but she can dish out some 
pretty tough spells. Again, have at least one ShiroMadoushi 
(White Mage) on hand to cure the party when needed. Also, you 
can cast "Baasaku" to stop her "Kururururu!" attack.

After a bit of walking , you will have to enter up on top of the 
castle, and fight Twin Tania. 

Boss 3 of Castle: Twin Tania.
Level 39, HP: 50000

He has a really high ammount of HP. This was one of the harder 
battles in the game for me, because I didn't have enough HP, 
and couldn't do enough damage in the time alotted. When the 
message "Gig Flare no tameni power up!" appears, use Odin. 
This is pretty much the only trick into beating him, but he is 
very vulnerable to Holy attacks. Also, it's possible to steal a 
"Kyojin no Ono" (Giant Axe) from him.

Cleft of Dimention: Final Floors

Treasures here: Ragnarok, Fuuma Shuriken x 3.

A long time ago, Gilgamesh was sent to the Cleft of Dimention. 
Well, he shows up again. Then, he runs away. When you warp 
2 times, you will find a treasure. You will have to beat "Shinryuu" 
(God of Dragons) to receive it, though. 

Boss of Final Floor: Shinryuu.
Level 97, HP: 55500

This is very, very tough. Probably the toughest battle of the 
game. To have ANY chance in this battle, you'll have to have 4 
Coral Rings from Istory (they cost 50000 giru). This blocks his 
initial "Tital Wave" attack, which can hit for up to 6000 damage. 
Then, pound him with everything you've got, and quickly. Don't 
attack with anything Holy attributed, because that's his attribute, 
and he will gain HP from it. 

Don't go straight (Exdeath is there, you will fight him last). If 
you go on, you will fight Necrophobia. 

Boss 2 of Final Floor: Necrophobia.
Level 66, HP: 44044

You have to beat 4 small segments before you can attack the 
actual monster itself. "Golem" is really helpful here, as it will 
take the blows of a lot of Necrophobia's attacks. Bahamut, 
Flare, and Meteor all work great here. 

*Trick: You can defeat Gilgamesh here, if you take the right 
    steps. Kill all of the barriers, then reduce Necrophobia's HP 
    to about 6000. Make sure NOT to kill him. Gilgamesh will 
    eventually show up. You can steal the greatest armor in the 
    game from him, the Genji Armor. You can then wipe the 2 
    off the earth. :)

It's time. Head up the center and fight him. Are you ready? 
Yes, I think you are. :) 

Round One of the Final Battle: Exdeath.

"Golem" is really useful for protecting the party.  "Heisuga" works 
very well for speeding you up, so you can have the edge in battle. 
Pelt him with all you've got, Flare, Holy, Meteor, Bahamut, Syldra 
all work here. He will eventually morph into NeoExdeath.

Round Two of the Final Battle: NeoExdeath.

There are 4 places you can hit. The 2 places in the back are in 
the back row, so your normal attacks will inflict half damage. 
Did you save up cash? Let's hope you did. :) "Zeninage" (Coin 
Toss) works VERY well on him...very strong attacks and 
mahou will work again, just keep fighting until the bloody end. :)

The Ending....

*Note: The ending of the game depends on which characters were 
     living when you defeated Exdeath (characters turned to stone 
     are considered dead). If you have all characters alive when you 
     defeat him, you will get the most sequences in the ending.


There are exactly 100 abilities in the game. This tells you which class 
gives what abilities, what level you get them on, and what they do. 
Suppins can equip 2 abilities, and Mimics can equip 3 abilities. 

Naito (Knight):

1. Kabau (Protect)
   Protects weak friends from direct attacks.
2. !Mamori (Protection)
    Defend oneself perfectly against direct attacks. 
3. Ryoutemochi (Two-Handed Wielding)
    Attack power is doubled, but you can only have a sword, and not a shield.
4. Tatesoubi (Shield Wearing)
    Characters who can't normally use a shield can do so now.
5. Yoroisoubi (Armor Wearing)
    Characters who can't normally wear armor can do so now.
6. Kensoubi (Sword Wielding)
    Characters who can't normally hold a sword may do so now.


1. !Tameru (Store Power)
    Store Power for awhile, then unleash a deadly attack.
2. Kakutou (Fight Bare Handed)
    Fight bare-handed like a Monk.
3. !Chakra
    Character's HP are recovered, and poison and darkness are cured.
4. Counter
    After being directly attacked, you will randomly counterattack.
5. Max HP 10% Up

    Maximum HP is raised by 10 percent. 
6. Max HP 20% Up
    Maximum HP is raised by 20 percent.
7. Max HP 30% Up
    Maximum HP is raised by 30 percent. 

Shiifo (Thief): 

1. Kakushi Tsuuro (Hidden Passages)
    Hidden passages become easy to spot.
2. !Tonzura (Escape)
    Run from battle easier than using L and R to run.
3. Dash
    Use the B button to run very fast in villages and dungeons.
4. !Nusumu (Steal)
    Steal items from enemies.
5. Keikai (Caution)
    Avoid all back attacks.
6. !Bundoru (Capture)
    Steal and attack at the same time.
7. Chokomaka Kaugoku (Restless Moving)
    Have the agility of a Thief.

Ryuukishi (Dragon Knight/Dragoon) 
1. !Jump
    Jump into the air for a turn, and come back down on an enemy doing 
    double damage.
2. !Ryuuken (Dragon Sword)
    HP and MP are taken from the enemy and given to you. 
3. Yarisoubi (Spear Wielding)
    Someone that can't normally wield a spear are able to.

1. !Kemuridama (Smoke Bomb)
    Run from battles easier than L and R.
2. !Bunshin (The Mirror Self)
    Make a mirage of your character to avoid physical attacks.
3. Sensei Kougeki (First Attack)
    Surprise attack rate is increased.
4. !Nageru (Throw)
    You can throw various items and weapons. 
5. Nitouryuu (Wield Two Weapons)
    You may attack twice in one round with 2 weapons.


1. !Mineuchi (Defensive Offense)
    Enemy is stunned by an attack.
2. !Zeninage (Coin Toss)
    Throw Giru equal to the number of damage you do at all enemies.
3. Shirahadori (Blade Catch)
    Occasionally dodges an attack, blocking all damage.
4. Katanasoubi (Katana Wielding)
    Characters that can't normally wield a Katana are able to.
5. !Iainuki (Quick Sword Display)
    Kill one or more enemies with a single blow.

Baasaakaa (Berserker):
 1. Berserk
     Always Berserked in battle. 
2. Onosoubi (Axe Wielding)
    Characters that normally can't wield an Axe are able to.

Karyuudo (Hunter):
1. !Doubutsu (Animals)
    Call upon animals to help  you out.
2. !Nerau (Aim)
    Helps your hit rate of attacks.
3. Yumiyasoubi (Bow and Arrow Wielding)
    Characters who can't normally wield an Axe are able to.
4. !Midare Uchi (Disorder Shot)
    Four consecutive attacks, but they are weaker than normal 

Mahoukenshi (Magic Swordsman)

1. Hinshide Barrier (Fatal Barrier)
    When fatal, you'll cast Shell.
2. Mahouken Lv1 (Lv1 Sword Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 Sword Magic.
3. Mahouken Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Sword Magic.
4. Mahouken Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Sword Magic.
5. Mahouken Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Sword Magic.
6. Mahouken Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Sword Magic.
7. Mahouken Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 Sword Magic.

ShiroMadoushi (White Mage):

1. ShiroMahou Lv1 (Lv1 White Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 White Magic.
2. ShiroMahou Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 White Magic. 
3. ShiroMahou Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 White Magic.
4. ShiroMahou Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 White Magic.
5. ShiroMahou Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 White Magic.
6. ShiroMahou Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 White Magic.
7. MP 10% Up
    Maximum MP is raised by 10 percent.

KuroMadoushi (Black Mage):

1. KuroMahou Lv1 (Lv1 Black Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 Black Magic.
2. KuroMahou Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Black Magic.
3. KuroMahou Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Black Magic.
4. KuroMahou Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Black Magic.
5. KuroMahou Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Black Magic.
6. KuroMahou Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 Black Magic.
7. MP 30% Up
    Maximum MP is raised by 30 percent.

TokiMadoushi (Time Mage):

1. Jikuu Lv1 (Lv1 Time/Space)
    Cast up to Level 1 Time/Space Magic.
2. Jikuu Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Time/Space Magic.
3. Jikuu Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Time/Space Magic.
4. Jikuu Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Time/Space Magic.
5. Jikuu Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Time/Space Magic.
6. Jikuu Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 Time/Space Magic.
7. Rod Soubi (Rod Wielding)
    Characters that can't normally wield rods are able  

Shoukanshi (Summoner):

1. Shoukan Lv1 (Lv1 Summon)
    Cast up to Level 1 Call Magic.
2. Shoukan Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Call Magic.
3. Shoukan Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Call Magic.
4. Shoukan Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Call Magic.
5. Shoukan Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Call Magic.
6. !Yobidasu (Call)
    Summon a random monster (costs no MP).

AoMadoushi (Blue Mage):

1. !Shiraberu (Examine)
    See a monster's maximum HP, MP, and weakness.
2. Learning
    Learn new Blue Magic spells.
3. !AoMahou (Blue Magic)
    Cast Blue Magic.
4. !Miyaburu (See Through)
    See the "Examine" ability, plus the status of an enemy.

AkaMadoushi (Red Mage):

1. Shirokuro Lv1 (Lv1 Black/White Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 Black and White Magic.
2. Shirokuro Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Black and White Magic.
3. Shirokuro Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Black and White Magic.
4. !Renzokuma (2x Magic)
    Cast two consecutive spells on the same turn. 

Majuutsukai (Monster Trainer):

1. !Nadameru (Calm Monster)
    Make a monster docile. 
2. !Ayatsuru (Control Monster)
    Control a monster and use their skills.
3. Muchisoubi (Whip Wielding)
    Character's who can't normally equip a whip are able to.
4. !Toraeru (Capture Monster)
    After weakening a monster, capture it.

Kusurishi (Chemist):

1. Kusuri no Chimaki (Knowledge of Medicine)
    Items are twice as effective.
2. !Chougou (Mix)
    In battle, mix two medicines to make a new one.
3. !Nomu (Drink)
    Drink items exclusive to the Chemist.
4. !Chiyu (Recover)
    Recover the entire party's status changes.
5. !Sosei (Revive)
    Revive all fallen party members.

Fuusuishi (Elemental Mage):

1. !Chikei (Elemental Attack)
    Use various elemental magic attacks.
2. Damage Yuka (Damage Floor)
    Damage Floors do no damage.
3. Otoshi Ana Kaihi (Hidden Traps)
    See hidden holes. 

Ginyuushijin (Bard):

1. !Kakureru (Hide)
    Hide, making you vulnerable to attacks (kind of like while 
    you're in the air as a Ryuukishi).
2. Tategotosoubi (Harp Wielding)
    Characters that are normally unable to equip Harps are able 
3. !Utau (Sing)
    Sings songs for various effects.

Odoriko (Dancer):

1. !Irome (Flirt)
    Dance that makes enemy fluttered.
2. !Odoru (Dance)
    Dances that confuse monsters or turn them into frogs.
3. Ribbon Soubi (Ribbon Wearing)
    Able to equip a ribbon.

Thanks to Revolution reader Exdeath!