The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC Cheats

Hot Mead?!:

1. Extract femaleupperbodynude.nif from the meshes archive in the .bsa file on the gamedisc.

2. Rename the file femaleupperbody.nif and place it in this directory:

C:/Program Files/Oblivion/Data/meshes/characters_male

3. No #3, that's it. If you want it all done for you, we got that, too.

Easy Conjuration Skill:

This is nice if conjuration is one of your major skills. Simply keep summoning your basic skeleton from your initial spell, beat the hell out of it, and repeat. Not only with your conjuration go up, so will your combat stats!

Infinite Gold:

Complete the Cure Vapirism quest for the Count of Skingrad. When you ask him about the reward, he gives you at least 1000 gold (more for higher levels). If you keep selecting the conversation option about the reward, he'll keep giving it to you for as long as you want.

Wizards Tower Glitch:

First get the Wizards Tower plugin for oblivion. Enter the tower and teleport up to the living quarters, while still on the teleportation platform don't move and then save the game. After you save the game delete the Wizards Tower plugin then load the save. After loading you will end up in a dark room, turn around until you see a flame, move towards it (but if you are falling, judged by the flames moving upwards, just reload until you can move towards the light), after you are walking for about 30 seconds you will end up in a house, go outside and you are in the test cell (the area the programmers used to test the different aspects of the game). By the fire is the mace of doom (6 base damage with a 17 damage point fire enchantment) in another house is a replica of a sigil keep (where you get the sigil stones), go upstairs, with a torch because it is extremely dark in there, and take the stone and get back out the door as fast as you can so you don't get over encumbered beca! use it adds about 6 sigil stones every second (with all combinations of enchantments) and they weigh a pound each. To get out of the test cell all you have to do is fast travel somewhere. BTW you have to redownload the Wizards Tower every time you do this.

Duping Items:

Pull out a bow. Hold the attack button, but don't let go. Now, go into your inventory and unequip the arrows. Next, drop whichever item you wish to duplicate and exit the inventory. Voila! This will not work on certain larger items like most armor or weapons. Also, the number of arrows you have equipped reflects the number of items you will dupe. Duping 500 or so of an item may cause crashes, so be prudent.

Ride a Unicorn!:

Head to Bruma and take the road north. Keep going north and look for an icon shaped like a mountain on the map. Around there, look for a white unicorn in the middle of a field. It'll be surrounded by a few minotaurs. Take out the minotaurs, but do not get the unicorn's attention (he will kick your ass). After you take care of the minotaurs, sneak up to the unicorn and hop on it's back as quick as you can. Now ride, fantasy boy!

Press ~ during gameplay to bring up the console. Enter these cheats:


helpList console commands
tgmGod mode
tclToggle no clipping
lock [1-100]Lock selected item at indicated lock level
unlockUnlock selected item
killKill selected NPC target; suicide if nothing is targeted
modpcs [skill], [number]Add indicated amount of points to specified skill
modpca [attribute], [number]Add indicated amount of points to indicated attribute
advlevelForce a level up
advskill [skill]Force skill level up
movetoquesttargetMoves to current quest target
psbGive all spells to player
sexchangeChange your gender
showbirthsignmenuChange your birthsign
showclassmenuChange your class
taiToggle AI
tcaiToggle combat A
tfcFree camera movement
togglemapmarkersAll map locations shown
togglefogofwarToggle fog of war
additem [item number]Spawn indicated item (see numbers below)
player additem 00000F [number]Add [number] gold
coc [destination name]Teleport to [location] (see locations below)

Note:You don't need to include the [brackets].

How to get daedric armor

You will need a repair hammer a summon spell and bound armor spell. You can buy bound amour at the bruma mages guild...

1. use the summon and make it mad at you so it will attack you

2.when it attacks you use the bound amour spell and block the attacks so the bound armor breaks a bit

3.go into the menu and fix the bound armor with the repair hammer when the summon spell times out

4. throw the bound armor

5.when the bound armor times out pick it up

and theres your daedric armor.

Full grand soul gems:

Become a member of the theives guild  than go to the mage guild tower in the impereal city, pick the lock on the display case and steal the grand soul gems. You cannot dupe a stolen item, so head for a thieves guild fence and sell them than buy them back, now you will be able to duplicate them and have as many as you want, they are worth a lot so it is a good source of money.

For all item codes and teleport locations, view the FAQ here.

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