PlayStation Stars Cashback

PlayStation Stars Cashback: How Much Are Points Worth in PSN Wallet Funds?

The PlayStation loyalty program has finally arrived in the States, but you may be wondering how good the PlayStation Stars cashback rate is. Well, we’re happy to report that it’s actually very generous compared to other loyalty programs out there, with users getting about 4% back in loyalty points based on the current exchange rate for points to PSN wallet funds.

PlayStation Stars Rewards: Full Games vs. PSN Credit

For roughly every $500 you spend through qualifying purchases like digital games on PSN, you will earn about 5,000 points through PlayStation Stars, as calculated by Forbes. At the time of this writing, the PlayStation App has two options to exchange points to PSN Store Wallet Credit: either 5,000 points for $20. or 1,250 points for $5. With some simple math using the numbers, we get a 4% PlayStation Stars cashback rate.

  • The Rewards tab also includes options to spend loyalty points on full games, so you may be wondering whether to get those instead. There are currently five games offered at the launch of the PlayStation Stars program (with the converted price tag provided in parentheses):
    • Cult of the Lamb – 6,250 Points ($25)
    • It Takes Two – 10,000 Points ($40)
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – 15,000 Points ($60)
    • The Quarry – 17,500 Points ($70)
    • Hades – 6,250 Points ($25)

Essentially, these rewards are the games set at their full price. As such, if you want one or more of these games in your library, we recommend that you save your points for now and opt to exchange your points for PSN wallet funds if or when you see them as part of a PlayStation sale. Several games on that list have already appeared in various promotional sales already, so unless PlayStation Stars also reduces the points cost of these games during a sale they’re in, it’s better to exchange them for PSN credit at that time.

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