Scorn 001 Achievement How to Solve Puzzle without killing egg creature

Scorn Missing 001 Achievement: How to Solve the First Puzzle Without Killing the Egg Creature

In the first puzzle in Scorn, there’s a puzzle centering around a creature in an egg. Unfortunately, if you make the wrong choices, you’ll kill the poor thing, which results in you missing out on the 001 achievement. Fortunately, keeping it alive is just a matter of picking the right machine to use on it.

How to keep the egg creature alive in Scorn

Scorn Egg Creature on crane

Once you solve the puzzle needed to “hatch” the egg creature, you need to head down the elevator. Move back into the large circular room and follow the tracks on the ground until you find a chair. You’ll hear the creature wiggling, and you can look up to see where the conveyor has taken it.

Use the nearby controls and move the crane upward. Then press the use button. It’ll grab the creature. Then you can press down and use it again to lower it into the chair.

Scorn Egg creature plate machine

Now, from your current perspective at the crane controls, you’ll want to move the chair to the left along the rails. Stop it under the next device with a podium next to it. Activate the controls, and the machine will attach a plate of some sort to the creature’s shell. I’m not sure if this is even necessary, but it doesn’t seem like it hurts anything.

Scorn rail switch console

Before moving the chair again, head up to the top of the central pillar of the room. Up there, you’ll find the controls for the switches in the room.

Scorn rail switches

Your goal to solve this puzzle in Scorn is to move the chair through the exit in the upper right corner of the room. To do so:

  • Change the bottom left switch to continue circling the room.
  • Change the bottom right switch to the up position.
  • Flip the top right switch to the rightmost setting.

With the switches in this order, you can circle around the room and exit through the north.

How to remove the egg creature’s shell

Scorn Egg Creature on Crane 2

Push the cart around the track and out of the room until it comes to a stop. Then, in the center of the room, you can use another crane to lift the egg creature from the cart to the chair with the saw blade. (Note: DO NOT USE THE CHAIR WITH THE SCOOP IN THE OTHER ROOM, THIS KILLS THE CREATURE. Do this and you’ll have to start Scorn over again to get the 001 achievement.)

Scorn egg creature in saw blade chair

Use the podium in front of the saw chair to remove the egg creature’s shell. Once it’s finished, walk over and help it onto the ground. You’ll have to have a little patience because he’s just a little guy and not too sure on his feet.

Scorn Egg creature shell removed

How to Get the 001 Achievement in Scorn

Scorn egg creature getting key

Once he stands up, move toward the corridor across from the cart. You’ll need to stop on the way to help egg dude to get his own painful hand key. Fortunately, he’s agreeable, and once he recovers, you can lead him to the podium by the door.

Scorn Getting missing 001 achievment

Now, you can shove his hand in there. Once that’s done, you’ll get the 001 achievement, Now, walk over to the other podium to open the door and move on to the next part of Scorn.

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