Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass Not Working Greyed Out

Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Battle Pass Not Working Greyed Out: When is the Start Date?

The reason the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass isn’t working is because season one hasn’t started yet. The Battle Pass will be greyed out in MW2 until the first season gets underway. Fortunately, there’s already a start date for season 1, and you won’t have to wait long to start leveling up the pass.

Why is the Battle Pass greyed out in Modern Warfare 2?

The MW2 battle pass won’t work until the season one start date on November 16. At that point, it’ll no longer be greyed out, and you’ll be able to start leveling it up.

Unfortunately, nothing about the season one pass has leaked yet. We know there’ll be at least one “fan-favorite” map, two new weapons, and an unspecified amount of operators added. However, the theme, end date, and how many tiers there’ll be are all a mystery.

However, we doubt Activision will make any major changes to how the pass works. So, we can assume there’ll be 100 tiers and that it’ll last for roughly three months. We had hoped that the game would adopt the same model as Halo Infinite, where you can work on any season pass indefinitely. It doesn’t seem like that’ll be the case, so get ready for the FOMO to begin again.

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