RetroPod App Removed
Source: Getty Images/Cate Gillon

Retro Pod Banned: Why Was the App That Turns iPhone into iPod Removed?

The Retro Pod app was banned from the Apple App Store because it broke the terms of service. The app, which allows users to browse their iPhone music library in an iPod-inspired browser, went viral on TikTok last month. However, it’s since been removed, leaving many unable to try it.

Why was the Retro Pod app that went viral on TikTok removed from the Apple App Store?

While there’s been no official statement, the Retro Pod app was likely removed from the App Store for violating Apple’s rule against emulating Apple devices. Since the point of the app was to make your iPhone into an iPod, it broke the terms of service.

Unfortunately, nostalgia alone won’t return Retro Pod to the App Store. Even though the iPod has been discontinued, Apple is stringent when it comes to protecting its products. Retro Pod isn’t the first app to attempt to emulate the iPod experience on iPhone. In 2019, another app called retroPod (different developer) and one called Rewound offered similar functionality and were also delisted.

The creator of Rewound attempted to get his app back on the store to no avail. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up on this one either.

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