Krista London TikTok Drama- Why Controversial Video Criticizing Friend Drew Husband's Ire

Krista London TikTok Drama: Why Controversial Video Criticizing Friend Drew Husband’s Ire

Krista London drama unfolded on TikTok today stemming from the influencer inadvertently offending users with comments about one of her friends. She uploaded a controversial video criticizing her friend’s lack of understanding when it comes to social media and how she tried to help that friend in her role as a “social media consultant.” However, many viewers found her comments in it to be condescending and meanspirited, including her friend’s husband.

What was the Krista London drama on TikTok?

The Krista London drama started with a TikTok video in which she told a story about helping her friend with social media, which was apparently a strenuous task. She described it in part as:

“You know when you teach a grandma how to turn on an iPad? That was my day yesterday.”


Replying to @narcan.girl412 people aren’t perfect and I support The Krista London. His response is so inappropriate and lacks emotional control. #thekristalondon

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The now-deleted video (which was reposted here) poked fun at the friend, and while it was obnoxious, it didn’t seem mean-spirited. Unfortunately, some people took the video as shaming the friend for her lack of social media skills. Her friend’s husband seemed to take it particularly hard, stating in another deleted (but also backed up) video:

“Give me a break. ‘She sucks; she’s the worst.’ Who do you think you are other than your little followers on some machine?”

Krista made an apology video in tears after the backlash, then took it down and issued another one later. The whole situation is asinine and blown out of proportion. As far as I’ve seen, her friend hasn’t directly commented, so we don’t even know if she was upset about Krista’s initial video or not.

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