tiktok best time to post friday january 2023
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TikTok: What is the Best Time to Post on Friday? (January 2023)

The best time to post each day on TikTok has been deliberated among users of the video-sharing app, with those looking to increase their views and likes while growing their number of followers wondering if there are specific times each day that will allow them to achieve that.

We’ve analyzed trends and looked through posting history to determine the times of day in which TikTok is most active. While there are many contributing factors to a post taking off and going viral, ensuring that your video is displayed at a time when most are using the app is vital, so it’s worth saving your best videos for when this is the case.

What are the best times to post on TikTok on Friday?

The best time to post on TikTok each Friday is between 5 AM–9 AM, which is followed by a spike of activity at 11 AM, then 3 PM, and finally 9 PM.

These times are the most active on a Friday because they cover the three main parts of the day. The first is the early morning, when TikTok users will only be occupied with waking up, getting ready, and commuting to work or school. This is followed by activity during lunch breaks or leaving school, and then finally when people are out celebrating the beginning of the weekend.

By posting TikTok videos during these times each Friday, users ensure the most amount of eyeballs will be on their content. And really, isn’t that all you want if you’re trying to become the next viral video-making star?

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