Forspoken How to Solve Puzzle Boxes

Forspoken: How to Solve Puzzle Boxes to Open Treasure Chests

In Forspoken, you’ll have to solve puzzle boxes to open some treasure chests. All you have to do is connect the sun and the moon by moving the tiles, but that’s not easy for everyone. Fortunately, every one of these we’ve encountered follows similar rules that makes finding the solution easier than it seems.

How to find puzzle box solutions in Forspoken

Finding the solutions to the puzzle boxes in Forspoken will be challenging for some people. You just have to connect the sun and moon by moving the tiles, but they can quickly get jumbled into an impossible mess. Fortunately, most (if not all) of them are much easier than they seem at first glance.

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To solve the puzzle boxes in Forsaken, you just need to follow these rules:

  • No matter how complex the puzzle looks, the solution is only a few moves away
  • If you have to move the tiles more than 8-10 times, then you’ve probably scrambled the puzzle too much
  • Reset the puzzle early and often; the devs designed them to be solved easily from the initial position

So, these puzzles are meant to be easy. Finding the solution is a lot simpler if you go into each of them with the knowledge they’re intended to be solved in a few moves.

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