New PS5 Model Pre-order Rumors
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PS5 Pro Pre-order Rumors: Is the New PS5 Model Releasing in 2023?

The rumor mill continues to turn, as a new PS5 model has seen increasing chatter on social media driving speculation surrounding a potential PS5 Pro and pre-orders that could follow.

Overnight, multiple sources have driven discussion on the possibility of a new and improved console from Sony, which PlayStation fans would welcome.

Is the PS5 Pro pre-order rumor true?

Right now, there’s no confirmation on any PS5 Pro or updates to the PS5 model, however, a rumor-fuelling post from Zuby_Tech on Twitter has drummed up some noise in the online gaming leaks community.

We could be seeing an April announcement of either an updated PS5 model or even the PS5 Pro if rumors are to be trusted. However, Insider Gaming’s Trevor Henderson, a popular leaker, has also spoken out amidst discussion about the PlayStation console’s future with a conflicting opinion:

It’s certainly a tough one to figure out, but given that the PS4 Pro was released in late 2016, 3 years after the original PS4 dropped, we could see a repeat with the PS5 Pro following the same development and release schedule as we hit the 3-year mark from the PS5’s 2020 release.

In other news, the Sonic Frontiers Director would like to make a return to more Sonic Adventure-style gameplay in the future.

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