Box art - Prey (2017)

Prey (2017) All Suit Chipsets, Locations and Descriptions

There are almost 30 Suit Chipsets in Prey, and you'll only even be able to install eight at any one time. It's important to note that Chipset locations in Prey are always the same, but each playthrough might give you a different chipset in any one particular place.

Below are lists of each suit chipset and their possible locations, excluding the suit chipsets you get as part of mandatory objectives.

Suit Chipset Locations by Area

Neuromod Division

Simulation Debriefing Room – On top of the machine in the opposite corner as the safe.

Fabrication, Second Floor Computer Room – On desk with dead body.

Talos I Lobby

Human Resources, Back Office

I.T. Security – First Floor, Open room on the right.

Hardware Labs

Demonstration Stage, near front of Recycler

Machine Shop, under Moon Door (requires Repair III)

Third Floor, Outside Medical Bay


Looking Glass Station, Back Room


Fourth Floor, Magnetosphere Controls, Inside Chamber


In the Greenhouse, near the Water Pressure Regulator

Crew Quarters

Director Thorstein's Office

Kitchen, in the freezer

Morgan Yu's Cabin

Power Plant

Floor B3, through a maintenance shaft across the lift gap.

Shuttle Bay

Escape Pod Bay, inside middle escape pod on the right.

Mia's Office, on the desk

Chipset Reward For Treasure Hunt Objective

The Treasure Hunt objective, wherein you find a series of treasure maps and then investigate their locations to reveal a code, will grant you either a positive or negative chipset. If you actually investigate every location for every treasure map before entering the code on Abigail Foy's computer in the Crew Quarters, you will be rewarded with a great chipset. If, however, you cheated and entered the code without investigating any of them, you will be given a chipset with only negative qualities. Both are below:

Adverturer's Toolkit: Increased Fabrication yield, increased wrench critical hit chance, better flashlight efficiency, and faster crawlings peed.

Game Master's Ire: Reduced Fabrication yield, less-efficient flashlight, reduced crawling speed.

All Suit Chipsets

Atrax Propulsion Gen 2 – Adds Jet boost to the Atrax Propulsion System.

Bakclash Reactor – Backlash has a chance to retrun damage to the attacker (requires Typhon Ability "Backlash" to be effective)

Battery Optimizer – Increases flashlight battery life.

Beam Shielding – Reduces damage taken from laser attacks.

Cell Refurb – Collect more Disruptor and Q-Beam ammunition from robotic corpses.

Death from Above – Falling on an enemy or ally will damage them.

EMP Shielding – Decreases the effects of EMP damage on your suit and weapons.

Etheric Shielding – Grants resistance to ether damage.

FSlide – Reduces damage sustained while sliding.

Grounding Resistor – Grants resistance to electric damage.

Heavy Gear Optimizer – Increases movement and aiming speed while firing the GLOO Cannon or Q-Beam

Hepatocytic Amplifier – Eliminates "Drunken" effects of consuming alcohol.

Impact Amplifier – Wrench swings have a greater chance to knock back an opponent.

Impact dampener – Reduces damage from crashing during zero-G flights.

Integral Structor – Your suit is more resistant to environmental hazards that degrade its integrity.

Kinesthetic Assister – Regenerates stamina more quickly.

Last Chance Core – Blows that wuld otherwise kill you will leave you with one health instead. 5-second cooldown.

Leverage Assist – Reduces time it takes to pick up heavy objects, using Leverage I, II or III.

Polyshield – Grants increased protection against physical damage.

Prowl – Increases your movement speed while sneaking.

Radiation Shielding – Grants resistance to radiation.

Recycler Shielding – Specialized shielding makes you immune to recycler charges.

Thermal Shielding – Grants resistance to fire shielding.

V-Amplifier – Performing a sneak attack restores some health.