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Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Comprehensive List of Every Passive Skill

Below is a comprehensive list of all Passive Skills in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It includes the Skill's effect, as well as how to obtain it (ie, which item must be held and used).

For an explanation on how Passive Skills work, see How to Use and Manage Passive Skills.

Passive Skills


LifetakerRestores HP after KOing an enemyShadow Sword, Devil Axe
Soothing LightRestores 5 HP to adjacent allies at the start of each turnSaint
RecoveryRestores 5 HP each turnBlessed weapons, Royal Sword, Falchion, Mercurius, Beloved Zofia, Gradivus, Parthia, Mila’s Bow, Blessed Shield, Dracoshield, Sage’s Shield, all Rings except Grimoire, Demon and Rusted
IncarnationRestores 5 HP each turnCantor
DeicideCapable of slaying GodsFalchion, (Exalted Falchion), (Nosferatu), (Binding Blade)
HexUser may damage themselves insteadShadow Sword, Devil Axe
TransmuteUser’s weapon deals magic damage (targets Resistance)Lightning Sword, Radiant Bow
ReconstructTwo of user’s growth rates are shuffled 8 times (except Res)Demon Ring
Evade CriticalUser is immune to critical hitsMila’s Ring
BanishBoosts damage by 10 versus TerrorsFalcon Knight
Vengeful CryUser counter-attacks regardless of range (Black Magic only)Animus Ring
WrathIncreases Critical rate when under half HP
Magic +5Might +5; applicable for Black Magic onlyGrimoire Ring
DisciplineHit +10; applicable for Black Magic onlySage
InfluenceRange +1; applicable for Black Magic only
SophisticateRange +2; applicable for Black Magic onlyMage Ring
Bowrange +1Range +1; applicable for Bows onlyArcher
Bowrange +2Range +2; applicable for Bows onlySniper, Bow Knight
Res +5Resistance +5Dread Fighter
WildfireHit +10, Avoid +10Berkut (Ch 5), Rinea
Halve SwordsHalves damage received from Swords
Halve LancesHalves damage received from Lances
Halve AxesHalves damage received from Axes
SanctuaryHalves damage received from TerrorBlessed Shield
Heavy ArmorHalves damage received from BowsBaron, Fiend, (Guardian)
ApotropeHalves damage received from Black MagicDread Fighter
PhantasmHalves damage received from Bows and Black MagicKriemhild
TeleportationUser can teleport next to enemy and perform an actionEnemy Delthea, Vestal, Witch
DivideUser may divide into twoMogall, Balor
Miracle(Luck x 2)% chance of surviving a fatal attackPrayer Ring
Eerie ScreechSeals enemy magic after combatGargoyle (seal), Deathgoyle (seal)
Duma’s GiftPrevents enemy attacksJedah
UpheavalDamages all enemies on the mapJamil, Duma
Dark SpikesDamages all enemies in rangeThe Creation
DragonskinHalves damage receivedFell Dragon
AnathemaAvoid -20 for all enemies within 3 squaresThe Creation
Nullify AilmentsImmune to poison, paralysis, etc.Jedah, Fell God, Mila’s Servant, Duma’s Apostle, Fell Dragon
MountedUser belongs to the Cavalry familyCavalier, Paladin, Gold Knight, Bow Knight
FlierUser belongs to the Flying familyPegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Gargoyle, Deathgoyle, Necrodragon, White Dragon, Mogall, Mila’s Servant, Duma’s Apostle, Garuda, Balor
ArmoredUser belongs to the Armoured familyKnight, Baron, Fiend, Guardian
TerrorUser belongs to the Terror familyRevenant, Entombed, Bonewalker, Gargoyle, Necrodragon
Great TerrorUser belongs to the promoted Terror familyFiend, Lich, Deathgoyle, White Dragon, Mogall, Dracul, Titan, Garuda, Guardian, Fafnir, Balor, Deimos
DragonUser belongs to the Dragon familyDagon, Fire Dragon
GodUser belongs to the God familyDuma, Fell God, Fell Dragon
Anti-CavalryDeals effective damage versus cavalry enemiesRapier, Ridersbane
Anti-ArmorDeals effective damage versus armoured enemiesRapier
Anti-FlierDeals effective damage versus flying enemiesAll Bows except default, Rusted and Venin
Anti-TerrorsDeals effective damage versus TerrorsBlessed weapons, Falchion, Seraphim
PactUser doesn’t expend HP when casting spellsJedah, Gharn, Rinea, Marla (Act 5), Hestia (Act 5)
AbsolveUser doesn’t take damage from TerrainSaint, (Flying units), (Terrors)


[Source: Serenes Forst]