Box art - Miitopia

Miitopia – All Skills for Every Class (Warrior, Pop Star, Chef, etc.)

With 12 classes to play as, Miitopia features a lot of options for you to specialize your party. Although only six of these are available at the beginning of the game, you can immediately begin leveling up and unlocking interesting skills.

Below are the skills for every class.


  • Jump Attack: A standard but strong attack.
  • Everyone’s Shield: Protect your allies from incoming attacks, and even guard against attacks coming towards the user.
  • Slap: Slap some sense into an ally with an ailment. Activates on its own.
  • Spin Attack: A spinning slash (a la Link) that hits all monsters.
  • Cross Attack (Japanese Romanji- Nidangiri): A two-hit attack that can hit one monster twice, or two monsters with equal damage.
  • Dark Attack (Japanese Romanji- Magangiri): A stronger jump attack with a dark influence (theories are go).
  • Miracle Slap: Can revive a fallen ally, but can fail.
  • Great Spin Attack: A stronger spin attack. Even Link is jealous!


  • Fire: A standard single-target spell.
  • Lightning: A spell that can hit up to three monsters.
  • Sleep: Puts an ally into a deep slumber. A sleeping ally will recover HP.
  • Explosion: A strong spell that hits all monsters.
  • Big Weapon: A spell that activates when an ally uses a regular attack. The ally’s weapon grows to great size, increasing damage.
  • Mega Fire: A stronger Fire spell.
  • Mega Lightning: A stronger Lightning spell.
  • Barrier: Forms a barrier in front of the user. All incoming attacks are weakened.
  • Mega Explosion: A stronger Explosion spell.
  • Giga Lightning: The strongest Lightning spell.
  • Giga Explosion: The strongest Explosion spell.
  • Flame Tower: The strongest Fire spell… and it shows!


  • Cure: A healing spell; heals minimum HP.
  • Calm: A spell that cures all allies from negative ailments.
  • Resurrection: A spell that revives an ally; replenishing some of their HP.
  • Punishment: A strong spell that can OHKO a monster, but it can fail.
  • Mega Cure: A stronger healing spell; heals a lot more HP.
  • Cureall: Heals the entire team with moderate HP replenished.
  • Giga Cure: The strongest healing spell; heals a majority of HP.
  • Giga Resurrection: A stronger Resurrection; replenishing more HP upon reviving an ally.
  • Giga Cureall: Heals the entire team with more HP replenished.
  • Shining: A strong light-powered spell (and is the only attack a Priest can use that won’t miss!).


  • Multislash (Japanese Romanji- Kamaitachi): A swift attack that can hit multiple targets.
  • Trap: Place a trap down. Incoming enemies will be damaged.
  • Swift Dodge: Dodges a monster’s attack with style.
  • Steal: Steal either a HP Banana or MP Candy from an enemy (if there is space for the user).
  • Sneak Attack: The user vanishes. Upon returning, they will attack a monster from behind.
  • Phantom Slash: A much stronger (and faster!) variant of Multislash.

Pop Star

  • Encore: Allows an ally to attack again.
  • Howling: An attack that hits all monsters, but can recoil onto allies.
  • Performance: Sings and dances to the monsters, preventing them to attack.
  • Angelic Song: A skill that can revive all fallen allies, but it can fail.
  • Lovecore: Boosts the connection with allies temporarily with the highest connection level.
  • Love and Peace: Repairs a connection of an ally. Does not work on the user.
  • Idol Dance: The user dances to replenish HP. Anyone assisting the user will join in too, recovering HP. (See my Twitter for proof!)
  • Howling MAX: A stronger variant, the same basic rules apply.


  • Simple Meal: Cook up some food to heal some HP.
  • Burning Pan: Light up the frying pan and attack a single monster.
  • Spicy Meal: Give a rather spicy meal to an ally for a flaming attack. Be careful, as this can break a connection.
  • Fried Banana: Fry up an ally’s HP Banana for double its HP recovery.
  • Moderate Meal: A better meal for better HP recovery.
  • Everyone’s Meal: While it can take a while, the payoff is worth it, as it can recover everyone’s HP.
  • Divine Meal: The best meal ever! Recovers a majority of HP.
  • Everyone’s Spicy Meal: Everyone consumes this and burns every monster seen. Be careful, as this can break a connection.
  • Frying Pan Flash: This can OHKO a monster, but it can fail. If it hits, a monster becomes food it would normally drop when defeated.


  • Sharpen: The user sharpens their claws. On the next turn, an attack is much stronger.
  • Cat Punch: A strong, single-target attack.
  • Nuzzle: Rub up to an ally to recover their MP.
  • Cross Slash: Slash one or two enemies up with claws.
  • Food Steal: Steal a monster’s food that it would normally drop. It can fail.
  • Fury Slash: Not to be confused with Fury Swipes, attack all monsters multiple times.


  • Shadow Fork: Hits a single monster… oddly enough, devil enemies perform this.
  • Poke: Pokes an allies behind, making them attack a monster (because they thought it did it).
  • Sweet Breath: A rather sweet scent affects a single monster, causing them to lower their guard.
  • Energy Drain: Takes the HP of a monster to heal their own.
  • Mental Drain: Takes the MP of a monster to replenish their own.
  • Three-Way Fork: Hits up to three monsters.
  • Charm: The user… get this, kisses an ally. This replenishes their MP, but also gives them Hype status.
  • Shinigami Breath: This can OHKO ALL MONSTERS! But it can miss… sheesh, this is a deadly attack.
  • Rapid Fork: Multiple shadow forks rapidly attack all monsters.


  • Bug Crush: A single-target attack. (Totally not a one-hit kill 😛 )
  • Chemical Flask: Spills a green, toxic chemical onto all monsters.
  • Volatile Chemical: Assists an ally’s regular attack. Hits up to three monsters with explosive damage.
  • Virtual Mask: Blocks an incoming ailment for the user or ally.
  • Cure Code: Heals both HP and MP of the user or ally. Can be useful in a tight spot.
  • Molten Flask: Spills a red chemical (or is it molten metal?) onto all monsters.
  • Healing Chemical: Assists an ally’s regular attack. Damage given to a monster will be the damage recovered.
  • Black Hole: The strongest attack science has to offer! Harms all monsters with high damage.


  • Rapid Fire: Can hit multiple monsters, but can also hit allies by mistake.
  • Human Cannonball: Use an ally as ammo. Does massive damage, but can break a connection.
  • Beam: Fires a beam that hits all monsters.
  • Block: Weakens an incoming attack by switching to defense form.
  • Repair: Uses a turn to recover HP while in defense form.
  • Molten Ammo: Fires three molten projectiles at monsters.
  • Deadly Beam: A stronger beam with a lot more power.


  • Royal Dance: Causes all monsters to dance, preventing them to attack.
  • Fan Slash: A single-target attack.
  • Escort: An ally escorts the user out of harms way.
  • Tea Time: The user and an ally recovers MP.
  • Double Slash: Hits a single monster twice, or up to two monsters.
  • Eau de Cologne: The princess’ perfume lowers the guard of all monsters.
  • Fan Cover: Blocks incoming ailments for the user or ally.
  • Slash All: Hits all monsters.


  • Flower: Heals some HP.
  • Gust (Japanese Romanji- Seppuki): A single-target attack.
  • Reviving Dew: Revives a single ally, but can fail.
  • Mega Flower: Heals more HP than Flower.
  • Flowerbed: Heals everyone’s HP a little.
  • Mega Flowerbed: Heals everyone’s HP a lot.
  • Anger Dew: Causes the Pissed status on an ally, allowing them to attack twice.
  • Hurricane: Attacks all monsters with a powerful gust of wind.


  • Counter: If attacked, half of the damage given will rebound onto the monster.
  • Dark Resurrection (Japanese Romanji- Yomigaeri): If fallen, the user may get back up with one HP left.
  • Poison Breath: An attack that can hit all monsters. Smells rather toxic.
  • Bite: Bites a single monster. The damage given is the damage recovered.
  • Infection: Bites an ally, giving them Dark Resurrection, allowing them to revive with 1 HP left. This fades away after revival. (The AI controlled Vampires normally use this on an ally with low HP.)
  • Freezing Breath: A cold attack that can hit all monsters.
  • Bat Tornado: A single-target attack with high damage. Also looks fancy.
  • Burning Breath: A flaming attack that can hit all monsters. The strongest breath attack.


  • Dancing Arrow: A single-target attack that forces the monster to dance. The youngest Elf Sister uses this skill.
  • Counter Arrow: Any incoming attack towards an ally is blocked by the user’s arrow. The middle Elf Sister uses this skill.
  • Forest’s Protection: Forms a barrier in front of the user or ally, weakening incoming attacks.
  • Magical Arrow: A strong attack that can hit up to three monsters.
  • Healing Melody: Using their bow as a harp, the melody heals everyone’s HP. The eldest Elf Sister uses this skill.
  • Forest’s Prayer: Replenishes an ally’s MP.
  • Arrow Shower: Arrows are shot up into the sky, raining down on all monsters.