Box art - Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia How to Clear Northern Zofia Battle (Northern Zofia) (Act 3)

Win condition: Rout the enemy

This is a challenging fight in that there are essentially three waves of enemies you have to deal with.

The first are the Witches. Lukas points them out immediately, but what he fails to mention is that they can teleport. What they’re going to do is teleport to a random square near units in your army, and attempt to damage a weak or vulnerable unit, though this isn’t always the case – sometimes they’ll attack Alm or somebody more capable. Regardless, your first task is to take them out immediately after they arrive no matter what it takes, short of death for your own units of course. Maneuver outside the range of other enemy units to accomplish this.

Next is a wave of Knights and Soldiers, the former whom you can take out with your Lightning Sword or Mages, and the latter with your own Knights and mounted units. Units like Alm or your flying units can finish them off from there. The enemy commander Zakson will begin approaching as well, for now stay out of his range.

Once the Knights and Soldiers are eliminated, fall back out of enemy range and heal up using Silque and food. Once healed, use Ridersbane and your durable, powerful units to take out the approaching Cavaliers. Beware of the Arcanist in the back, as he’ll strike down your otherwise durable Knights if you’re not paying attention. An Archer, Mage, or Alm are good choices to take him out.

Finally, head for Zakson – defeating him will be a team effort. Mages and Lightning Sword wielders can do serious damage, but from there you’ll likely need to chip away at his health. It should be possible to defeat him in a single turn – if you can get her in the fray safely, Silque’s Nosferatu is also formidable against him.

Defeat Zakson to clear the map.