Box art - Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution – How to Make Easy Money (KR)

Like in most RPGs, in-game currency can’t be ignored if you want your fighting forces to be fully-specced and have access to the best gear, items, and capability. While money in Valkyria Revolution isn’t terribly difficult to come by, there are a number of tricks and strategies to keep in mind if you want your wallet full and ready when you need it.

There’s no denying that vast sums of KR in Revolution will require some grinding to acquire, so keep that in mind if your primary goal is wealth and riches. The following are your best bets for cash, especially when you’re first starting out.

Free missions: These are made accessible after the tutorial and opening missions, and can be completed on repeat for, you guessed it, repeat rewards. Though in some cases what’s asked of you can be a bit mundane, the financial incentive is worth the trouble when you’re first starting out.

One man’s trash: Like in many RPGs, the best cash cow is intuitive: simply sell the stuff you don’t need. Your inventory will begin to bulge quite obviously as you progress through the game, and if you aren’t using something, don’t be afraid to cash in and use the money to grab something you’ll actually take advantage of. The Workshop is the best place to swap your heaps of unneeded gear in exchange for cash, and if you’re diligent you may even want to do this after every single battle. Your coffers will thank you.

Supply Caches: These are found scattered throughout various battle locales, and have a tendency to regenerate from mission to mission. Though KR sums within Supply Caches aren’t always particularly handsome, sometimes the gear found within is, which can subsequently be swapped for KR as mentioned above.