Box art - Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution – How to Defeat Maxim and Dragoon Type-G (Chapter 1 Boss Fights)

The first two bosses in Valkyria Revolution pack a surprising punch despite appearing during the game’s very first chapter. Read on for details on how to defeat Maxim and Dragoon Type-G.

Defeating Maxim

Your first boss encounter is not monster but man, and despite his human size can deal serious damage in addition to his surprising durability. Simple button mashing may not earn you a victory despite his early appearance in the game, which means you’ll need to implement basic strategy to succeed.

Maxim’s primary means of dealing damage beyond his standard attacks come by way of his Volcano Sphere. If you want to win, you’ll need to quickly learn to avoid it as often as possible. The attack is indicated by a red charging meter, so if you see it acting up, steer clear for safest results. There’s a rhythm to it that shouldn’t take too long to get the hang of, but if all else fails, keep your eyes on that gauge.

You’ll want your squad on the defensive here, and while an aggressive strategy can work if you’re lucky, it may also backfire, taking out teammates far sooner than you’ll likely prefer. A defensive approach keeps your party out of Volcano Sphere’s radius, enabling you (and occasionally them) to strike when the moment is right. Repeat this strategy, keeping your party healthy until Maxim is defeated.

Defeating Dragoon Type-G

With Maxim handled, up next is something of a repeat that will probably feel much easier. Type-G uses a similar strategy to the automatic weapon-toting mini boss you already felled earlier in the game, which means you’ll want to revisit that same approach and be extra careful of this version’s powered-up gunfire.

If for some reason you don’t recall the mini boss in question, here’s what you need to do. Utilize cover while Type-G peppers you with gunfire, and when it stops, charge quickly. You may succeed if you simply button-mash recklessly for damage, but a better strategy is to eliminate its legs immediately. With that handled, repeat your cover and attack plan (pay attention to which weapons and spells are most effective) until victory is claimed.