Box art - Madden 18

How Long is Longshot Mode from Madden NFL 18?

Madden NFL 18 debuted its new Longshot story mode, which puts the player in the shoes of Devin Wade, a fictional NFL hopeful who gets cast in a reality TV show to document his path to the NFL draft. It’s an ambitious project and the first of its kind in a Madden game. But how long is it?

The Longshot mode of Madden NFL 18 can reasonably be completed in about six hours or so. There isn’t much variation in this, as most segments of gameplay continue whether or not you succeed or fail.

That said, Longshot does reportedly have three to four different ways it could end up, so there is some replayability, depending on whether or not you want to go back and try for a better result. Not to mention that the base game Madden NFL 18, will provide nearly limitless hours of entertainment.