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Monster Hunter World Longsword Build: What Is The Best Longsword Build?

Monster Hunter World is now out on all platforms, including PC, and one of the best weapons in the game is the Longsword. It’s always effective and is a good all-round offensive weapon. Of course, that means nothing if you don’t have the armor to back it up. Let us show you the best Monster Hunter World Longsword build, and just why you’d use a Longsword build in the first place.

Why use a Monster Hunter World Longsword Build?

Attacks by the Longsword are fast, deal pretty decent damage, and have a good reach to them. It’s an effective weapon and good for both newcomers to Monster Hunter World and professionals alike, but like anything in the game that means nothing unless you’re willing to work at it and build your hunter. You need a character build that works to emphasize the Longsword’s strength and negate the weaknesses, such as the inability to block, so you want to concentrate on armor sets that build up attack power.

What is the Monster Hunter World Best Longsword Build?

The “best” longsword build is debatable, but just remember that a Longsword Build focuses on attack, not defense. Consequently the Nergigante armor set is generally considered the most useful overall for the Longsword, if you’re not looking to mix and match, and even if you do a mix of armor pieces you’ll probably end up using Nergigante armor parts. The Nergigante set is great for Longsword because it increases Attack Power, Affinity, and Stamina Recovery, meaning that not only can you hit harder, you can keep dodging and attacking for longer.

There’s also the Xeno’jiiva armor set, which reduces sharpness loss by half, prevents knockback, and increases critical hits by 30 percent, but it’s definitely harder to get than the Nergigante set. As for Charms there are several solid options. The Handicraft Charm increases sharpness, the Mighty Charm increases Affinity, the Power Prolonger Charm prolongs your sword’s powered-up state, or just go for a basic Attack Charm to make the Longsword hit even harder.