Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Train Staff: How to Train Staff in Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is out now and is a wonderful evolution of Bullfrog’s classic Theme Hospital, but one of the more complicated areas is the Two Point Hospital train staff function. In Theme Hospital all you needed was a room, a doctor with an ability to train, and other doctors to learn. There’s still a Training Room, but here in 2018 things are a lot more complicated. So how do you train staff in Two Point Hospital? We’ll show you how.

What does the Training Room do in Two Point Hospital?

As its name suggests, the Two Point Hospital Training Room is used for training staff, and is the only place it can be done. If you want to train staff in your hospital, you’ll need one. You can train all staff here, not just the doctors, in a variety of important or useful skills. Everything will help, but it’ll cost both time and money, so choose wisely.

The Training Room is introduced in the third level, Flottering, but doesn’t really become vital until the following level, Mitton University. Here you can only hire untrained student doctors and nurses, so you’ll need to start teaching them all the important skills you previously just hired someone to do. That’s why the Two Point Hospital train staff feature is integral to your hospital’s well-being. Otherwise, a lot of patients could die and your reputation will plummet.

How do you Train Staff in Two Point Hospital?

First build the Training Room, which doesn’t have to be too big but needs to accommodate at least three teaching desks and the big podium. Anything else is just a bonus. The more desks you have, the more staff you can teach at once. Next, click on the room, and at the bottom of the information panel is the option ‘Start Training Course’. Click that, and you’ll get the training menu.

We suggest picking your trainees first. Bear in mind at all times that whoever you pick will be out of action for a sizeable length of time, so make sure either your remaining staff can pick up the slack, or hire some extra staff to cope (and it’s totally fine to fire them afterwards). Unless you’re desperate it’s probably best to train at least two staff at a time.

It’s up to you what you want to train them in, but it’s advisable to have several doctors trained in Psychiatry and Research and janitors trained in Ghost Capture, otherwise it’ll come back to haunt you. Then, choose a teacher. If you’re lucky and you have a qualified staff member trained up you can select them, if not (or if you don’t want to spare what is probably your best doctor) you can hire a teacher at $10,000 plus $5,000 per student. You can afford that right? After that simply wait, and repeat when done!