The Two Point Hospital First Gameplay Trailer Shows How Similar the Game is to Theme Hospital

Two Point Hospital was announced in January as UK indie Two Point Studios’ first project. Two members of Two Point Studios are Mark Webley and Gary Carr who worked on Theme Hospital, which is still the bar to surpass when it comes to hospital management sims. Today the first trailer showcasing gameplay was released for Two Point Hospital, and it’s not hard to see how this game is a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital.

The eight-minute-long trailer shows off the basics of managing your hospital in Two Point Hospital. The game is played from a 3D isometric perspective, and from what we’ve seen it’s very much a logical progression from Theme Hospital. The goal and gameplay remain the same. You have to build a hospital, hire employees, and try to nurse the sick citizens of your community back to health.

Two Point Hospital retains the combination of comedy and medical science that Theme Hospital set down. You’ll see new diseases like Premature Mummification and have more options to diagnose and treat your patients like MRI machines and specialized clinics.

I loved Bullfrog’s work, and Theme Hospital is still a blast to fire up and play. If you’re looking to run your own hospital and you don’t want to wait until Two Point Hospital comes out sometime this year, you can buy Theme Hospital on and use the CorsixTH open-source engine to make it behave better on modern PCs. It’s incredible how well the game has aged (with a little tweaking), and there’s still nothing quite like it on the market. At least there won’t be until Two Point Hospital comes out sometime this year.