New Overwatch Hero 27 is Likely Brigitte Lindholm Following Latest Teaser

A teaser posted by Blizzard has revealed some more information regarding the new Overwatch hero 27, teasing that the next character could be Torbjorn’s daughter, Brigitte Lindholm.

The new teaser features a blueprint for a hammer weapon, referred to as “Slaga V3.0,” along with some sort of chain or grappling hook in the top right of the image. The new hero wouldn’t be the first Overwatch character to make use of a hammer, with Reinhardt leading the charge with his own, though this hammer appears to be smaller in size.

Brigitte Overwatch: Why Hero 27 Could be Torbjorn’s Daughter

overwatch hero 27

All signs now point to the hero being Brigitte Lindholm, Torbjorn’s daughter, who was referenced in Blizzard’s last teaser. This saw Torbjorn writing a letter to his wife saying that he would allow Reinhardt to name his child after the Overwatch soldier saved the turret engineer’s life in combat. The third teaser depicting a hammer suggests that Brigitte followed in Reinhardt’s footsteps (though Torbjorn also uses a hammer), and the grappling hook could grant her more mobility, potentially making her a defensive hero like her father.

Vertical mobility is sorely lacking in Overwatch, with only a very select few characters able to do so. This means that there are a limited number of countering options to deal with heroes who can reach greater heights than their opponents, with most of them being long range. If hero 27 is able to climb up buildings and deal out some short-range punishment with a hefty hammer, this could add a little variety in terms of how to deal with those pesky Widowmakers.

With the new Overwatch hero 27 set to be debuted sooner rather than later, fans of the game will want to keep their eyes peeled for when the next announcement lands.