New Overwatch Hero 27 Second Teaser Released on Social Media

Yesterday we got a small hint of the identity of Overwatch‘s new hero in an in-universe after-action report. Fans believe that a new name mentioned in the report, Emre Sarioglu, might be the 27th hero to join the Overwatch roster. Today, we got another hint posted on Overwatch social media in the form of a link to an Overwatch story update.

In the update, there is a letter from Torbjorn to his wife explaining that he lost his arm in Operation White Dome and that Reinhardt saved him from losing his life.

Who is the New Overwatch Hero?: Why it Could be Emre Sarioglu


We still haven’t had the new hero’s identity confirmed, but the most likely candidate still appears to be Emre Sarioglu. Not only is there yesterday’s after action report mentioning them, but today’s clue seems to be pointing in that direction as well.

Another big hint that Emre Sarioglu might be the 27th hero in Overwatch is that the name appears to be Turkish. Blizzard seems to want the Overwatch cast to represent a diverse array of nationalities, and there aren’t any Turkish characters yet. It would fit with Blizzard’s MO to introduce a character from a new nation with hero 27.

The after-action report for Operation White Dome that was posted as a teaser yesterday mentions that the operation occurred in the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey. Since many characters have also received a map that is somehow connected with their backstory, this might be an additional hint at a new Overwatch arena.

Emre Sarioglu is mentioned as being a Private First Class, so he’s a soldier of some type, but who knows what his role will be. In the after-action report, we have a support character, Ana; a tank character, Reinhardt; and a defense character, Torbjorn. It would make sense if the remaining character of the team, Emre Sarioglu, were an offense character.

Who is the New Overwatch Hero?: Why it May be Brigitte Lindholm

Overwatch Torbjorn Letter

However, Torbjorn’s letter to his wife references his unborn daughter. He says that he’s going to let Reinhardt name his daughter as thanks for saving his life. We know from Dragon Slayer, Reflections, and Honor and Glory that Torbjorn’s daughter is named Brigitte which is a German and French form of the Gaelic/English Bridget. It makes sense that Brigitte would be the daughter he was talking about.

Brigitte would make an odd choice for a new character since it seems she’s following in Torbjorn’s footsteps. This means she would likely be a defense character any play much like he does already. Also, Torbjorn has eight other children or grandchildren, and Reinhardt could have named another one.

At this point, it’s still up in the air on who the 27th character could be. The clue yesterday and today are supposed to point to their identity. Can you figure out who they are?