Overwatch Hero 27 Teased by Blizzard: Who is Emre Sarioglu?

A new Overwatch hero has been officially teased by Blizzard, with “Operation White Dome” offering our first insight into who hero 27 might be.

An “after-action report” posted to the Overwatch Twitter account sees Ana discussing a strike team mission, in which Reinhardt, Torbjorn, and the unknown “Private First Class Emre Sarioglu” dealing with a “remaining pocket of omnic resistance” in Turkey.

The after-action report details how both Reinhardt and Torbjorn were injured during the battle, though does not discuss the fate of Emre Sarioglu. A “full report” is concealed beneath the short summary, though this has yet to be uncovered.

The report can be seen below:

Who is Overwatch‘s Emre Sarioglu?

The new Overwatch hero may be Emre Sarioglu, or it could be someone else completely. Considering that he’s the only new character referenced in the action report, it certainly seems likely that he’ll have something to do with the upcoming announcement.

According to Overwatch Reddit user, Sarioglu means “the son of the yellow/blonde guy,” but we have been unable to find any other evidence suggesting that this is the case. It could also simply be a generic Turkish name.

Him being a Private First Class could make him similar to Soldier 76, though it’s also been suggested that Reinhardt’s bravery in the mission may have inspired him to become a tank, too. Could we get another shield hero in the game to rival Reinhardt and Orisa?

There’s no word yet on when the new Overwatch hero will be introduced to the game, though game director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that this is a tease for a new hero and not just a red herring. Hopefully, we’ll find out more information sooner rather than later.