Two Point Campus is the college spin-off of Two Point Hospital

Reveals from the Summer Game Fest 2021 opening ceremony keep coming. The latest involves the new release from Two Point Studios, the developer known for fan-favorite medical sim Two Point Hospital. While fans suspected a sequel was in the works, they may not have expected an entirely new direction, as the new game is called Two Point Campus.

As you’d probably expect from the name, Two Point Campus is a college-oriented spin-off of Two Point Hospital. Given that doling out medicine and curing ailments is no longer the goal, players will instead focus on enlightening the student community.

Naturally, this introduces a number of all-new mechanics and systems. Players will be able to customize the campus itself, organize activities and events, and crucially, manage both the staff and student body. They’ll even be able to select which courses are on offer, including oddball choices such as Jousting.

Eager to see how all of these changes are shaping up? You’re in luck, because the team provided a fresh Two Point Campus trailer which we’ve embedded below.

Though we don’t have exact release date information yet, we do have an idea of when and where it will land. According to an early Microsoft Store listing for Two Point Campus that has since been removed, the game will release for PC, Xbox One, and the Series X|S. A PlayStation 4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch version are also expected. Beyond that, all we know is that Two Point Studios plans to release its comedic collegiate simulation sometime in 2022.

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