Among Us DLC roadmap includes Hide and Seek mode, achievements, and more

The Among Us DLC roadmap for 2021 was revealed at Summer Game Fest 2021, and there’s a lot to like here. Hide and Seek mode, Map 5, new costumes, visor cosmetics, colors, roles, and more are coming this year. We only got a tiny peek at what’s in store, but it looks like the hit game will only get better in the months to come.

What’s coming in the Among Us roadmap?

There’s a ton of new content coming to Among Us, but we only got to see a tiny bit of each feature. We’ll give a rundown of each and what we think they may entail below. However, note that these could take a completely different form when they’re actually released.

Hide and Seek mode

Among Us Hide and Seek

We can assume that Hide and Seek mode in Among Us will make one player “it” and have them seek out the others. This is a mode that fans have been asking for, and it’s great to see it’s finally making it into the game.

New roles

Among Us Sheriff Role

There are two new roles coming:

  • Sheriff
  • Scientist

We’re not sure what their duties will be yet, but they get cool hats.

New colors

A multitude of new colors is coming to Among Us, including:

  • Coral
  • Tan
  • Rose
  • Maroon
  • Banana
  • Gray

Visor cosmetics

Among Us Visor Cosmetics

That’s right; new visor cosmetics are coming. You’ll get the opportunity to don gas masks, post-it notes, face masks, sunglasses, hockey masks, funny eyebrows, and more.

Map 5

Among Us Map 5

The game’s fifth map is coming, but we didn’t get much of a hint on what it’ll be like. The only clue is an image of what looks like a trashcan.

No release date has been given for the new Among Us content. We can assume it’ll trickle out over the next six months as part of regular content updates.