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Destiny 2 Forsaken Heroic Public Events: How to Trigger Them

Destiny 2 has some tricks up its sleeve especially concerning Public Events and Heroic Events. They’re slightly different… and slightly hidden. And even if you’re looking for them, you may not know how to trigger the Destiny 2 Forsaken Heroic Public Events as well as the ones from the main game. Here’s a little help.

Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events: What Are Heroic Public Events?

Heroic Public Events are like regular Public Events but trickier. However, they also give you better rewards, as they should with a name like that. Public events get turned into Heroic Events when someone hits some sort of requirement. And there are multiple possible Heroic Public Events.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Heroic Public Events: How to Trigger Them

According to ScreenRant, these Destiny 2 Forsaken Heroic Public Events shouldn’t be too difficult if you know what to do.

Cryo-Pod: Once a cryo-pod crashes into the map, you’ll begin to see vents shooting out icy air. Fire at these vents and take the orbs that come out and toss them at the Wanted boss. Shoot enemies and repeat the orb-throwing process.

Ether Ritual: Go near the Servitor (the mechanical eyeball thing) and do not kill the corrupted Servitors in each wave. They’ll start leaking orbs. Don’t let those orbs hit the other Servitor. Repeat until finished.

Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events: How to Trigger Them

Thanks to some digging by Polygon, we know how to activate each Heroic Public Event. These are all activated within the public quest of the same name.

Vex Crossroads: Grab the charges from the Gatekeepers. When the cannon flings you to another island, defeat the Keeper of the Ages and put the charge in the middle of the island. From here, don’t go back to the central area. Go t the back of the island and you’ll see a floating crystal. Shoot it then jump on all of the platforms. Stand on the middle plate at the top.

Cabal Excavation: Capture the Cabal drill then stand in the white circle surrounding it. A flying Thresher will appear about a third of the way through. Destroy it.

Glimmer Extraction: Find the tiny weird-looking machine (it looks different from the other silver chunks of machinery) by the drill and destroy it at every location before killing any of the Fallen. Then protect the Glimmer that comes during each Fallen wave.

Injection Rig: The Cabal will summon a huge machine. Before murdering Infiltrator Valus, find and destroy the three heat vents steaming with white, um, steam. Kill the Cabal Centurion that appears.

Ether Resupply: Shoot the enormous Servitor (remember, it’s the mechanical eyeball thing) and quickly take out the smaller Servitors.

Disrupt Vex Construction and Spire Integration: As the Vex rush you to sacrifice themselves, look around for plates to capture. Get enough of them to trigger the Heroic Public Event.

When you’re in the Disrupt Vex Construction section, look out for circular plates. Stand in the middle to capture them. Do that for each one. You’ll see a timer ticking up if you’re doing it right.

Taken Blight: Find the force field surrounding the pillars and go through them to get a buff called “Blight Receding.” You can only damage the big Blight thing blob with a black center with his buff. Do it until the thing dies.

Weapons Exchange: Use the arc charges from the spider-like Walker to unlock the shielded weapons. Do this three times before you kill the Walker to start the Heroic Public Event.

Witch’s Ritual: Don’t let the Hive Wizards open a portal. Stand in the green rune-like spots and shoot the bright crystals at the top corners of the room.

Some are pretty tricky but the guide should help you get started on your Heroic Public Events. It’s just up to you to finish them.