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Darksiders 3 – Should I Kill Abraxis?

Darksiders 3 is an RPG of sorts and while it has many different ways to level up and upgrade your character, it only has a handful of choices. It gives you the option of sparing or killing a couple characters. The first is Abraxis but it isn’t clear what happens the consequences will be. So should you kill Abraxis in Darksiders 3? What happens if you kill Abraxis? Should you kill the Lord of Hollows? What happens if you spare him? Let’s take a look. There is also a missable trophy or achievement tied up in this choice too so you may want to take note.

Darksiders 3 – Should I Kill Abraxis?

For starters, if you want the extremely missable “A Parting Gift” trophy or achievement and the relic tied to it, you have to kill Abraxis, which is likely what you’ll want to do anyway. You’ll be locked out of the trophy or the achievement as well as a relic if you spare him. He also doesn’t appear to give you anything if you spare him.

Choosing to kill Abraxis will obviously start a boss fight. He drops the Soul of Abraxis in your inventory upon his death. It does not do anything by itself (or if it does, it’s function is unknown) and you need to return it The Lord of Hollows. You need to do this as soon as you can because The Lord of Hollows disappears.

Darksiders 3 – Should I Kill The Lord of Hollows?

Killing him doesn’t appear to give you anything so it probably isn’t in your best interest to slay him. It is highly recommended that you spare The Lord of Hollows after killing Abraxis.

Again, if you want the “A Parting Gift” trophy or achievement, you have to spare The Lord of Hollows. Sparing him also yields the Mysterious Stone Sigil, which is, like its name implies, still a mystery. We will update the guide when its function is revealed. Again, be sure to visit The Lord of Hollows to spare him immediately after you kill Abraxis. Unless Gunfire Games changes it in an update, he will not be around when you can fight the final boss.