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Fallout 76 Player Vending – What it is, Release Date, and More

Fallout 76 player vending is finally coming to Bethesda’s online multiplayer world. An often requested feature by the title’s fan base, the feature should be implemented soon by the development team. What exactly is Fallout 76 player vending? When can we expect to see a release date for it? And how have fans of the game reacted to this news? Here’s what we know.

What is Fallout 76 Player Vending and How Will it Work?

Player vending will give Fallout 76 the option to sell their wares to other players on the same server. Rather than having to discard unwanted items to make space in their stashes, players will be able to hand over their weapons, ammo, health packs, and more to others in exchange for a reasonable fee.

That’s what the feature sounds like in practice, but there’s still a lot that we don’t know about how Fallout 76 player vending will work. Will players be able to set their own prices for certain items, or is that limit set by Bethesda themselves? Will only certain items be available to sell, or will it encompass everything in the game? And will there be a cooldown on how much you can sell at any given time?

These are just some of the questions that players are wondering right now, so hopefully Bethesda will give us a clearer indication of how it will all work when it’s patched into the game.

Fallout 76 Player Vending – How Do We Know It’s Coming?

fallout 76 player vending release date

Bethesda added a new post to their official Fallout 76 blog, and mentioned that player vending would be part of the title’s next big update. Explaining that a variety of new features were in the works for future updates, Bethesda stated that “new quests, weekly in-game events, new Vaults opening, a new PvP mode, Player Vending and much more” were inbound.

Is There a Fallout 76 Player Vending Release Date Confirmed Yet?

fallout 76 player vending release date

Not yet. Bethesda has only revealed that Fallout 76 player vending will be part of the game moving forward, and haven’t disclosed when it will be patched in.

This is a smart move by Bethesda. The video game developer has been besieged by negative press and fan outcry over the number of bugs, glitches, and problems with Fallout 76 since its launch in mid-November. Numerous updates and patches have been added since, but the issues keep stacking up for Bethesda as they try to win their fans back over.

With player vending being such a highly requested feature, Bethesda will want to ensure that it works without faults before adding it into Fallout 76. If this feature comes with a number of its own bugs — as well as creating others — then any hope of winning some praise for Fallout 76 will pretty much be extinguished.

Fallout 76 Player Vending – Why Has This Feature Been Requested so Much?

fallout 76 player vending release date

Fallout 76 is a role-playing game, and RPGs need characters, be them playable or NPCs, to have roles within its world. Players want to have the freedom to perform their own roles in the game, but judging by how few activities there are in Fallout 76 right now, it’s a necessity for Bethesda to branch out and add new things to its title.

Fallout 76 Player Vending – How Have Fans Reacted to the News?

fallout 76 player vending release date

Pretty positively, judging by threads such as this one on the game’s Reddit page. Of course, some are wary about how it will be implemented, or if it will work at all, but Bethesda seems to be getting a chance to prove they can add this in without too many problems.

Not every response has been one of praise for them. Some Fallout 76 players just want Bethesda to fix the game’s glaring problems first before any future content is patched in to give players more freedom. It’s a complaint that does have legs, especially with all of the issues that have come before.

Bethesda won’t want to wait too long to apply Fallout 76 player vending to proceedings though. With a slew of other online multiplayer games due to be released in 2019, they’ll want to retain the fanbase they have and give them new things to try out. If this fails, they may well lose more players to rival titles, which could be a huge death knell to Fallout 76 only months after it was launched.