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Does Anthem progress carry over?

Anthem will be with us very soon, and players can get an idea for how it plays when the game’s demo drops. One of the more pressing concerns that comes with this is whether Anthem progress carries over from the demo to the full release. So, does Anthem progress carry over?

Does Anthem progress carry over from the demo to the full game?

anthem progress carry over open demo

No, Anthem progress does not carry over from the demo to the full version of the game. Bioware’s lead producer Michael Gamble stated that this would be the case over his personal Twitter account. Responding to a question of this nature from one curious fan, Gamble explained that players would be working from a clean slate as soon as the full game is released to everyone on February 22.

It makes sense for Anthem progress to be reset after the demo has taken place. Those who haven’t had the chance to play either demo—whether it’s the VIP demo, the open demo, or both—would be at a significant disadvantage if progress wasn’t reset. It makes the playing field even ahead of Anthem’s full release, and that’s really the best way of doing things.

Does Anthem progress carry over in any form?

anthem progress carry over full game

It does, yes. Those gamers who manage to play the VIP demo, which kicks off on Friday, January 25, will have their progress carried over to the open demo. That’s if they choose to play the open demo as well. If you don’t, then your progress will just be reset after the VIP demo ahead of the full release.

The open demo takes place one week after the VIP demo, so anyone who plays the latter will be able to pick up where they left off if they take part in the open demo too. For more on when each demo will start and end, you can read our guide here. This will tell you what times and dates are marked down for them, as well as who is eligible to take part.