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Borderlands 3 not in Epic Games Library error

Many players are enjoying Borderlands 3 right now, but some of them are experiencing an error where the game doesn’t appear in the Epic Games Library. This issue was reported earlier, with several players corroborating the situation and hoping for a quick fix. However, it’s unclear if Gearbox or Epic Games are already acting on this problem, or if these players have a long wait ahead, along with a heavy dose of frustration.

Borderlands 3 Epic Games Library error | What is causing it

Borderlands 3 Epic Games Library 2

Borderlands 3 fans are complaining on the forum that they purchased the full-priced game from Amazon, while others did so from MMOGA. These are described by the forum users as reputable sellers, so it’s not like there is an issue with the origin of the keys.

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When redeemed, the Epic Games Store labels the key as “Borderlands 3 Pre-Purchase Retail Audience.” However, the game never shows up in the Epic Games Library, with the key being marked as redeemed in the key transaction history. One player complaining about the issue mentioned having carried his full PC setup to a friend’s house in order to play Borderlands 3 ending up “devastated” when the key failed to work.

Borderlands 3 Epic Games Library error | Possible solutions

Considering the reliable source of the keys and the type of error, there are a few possible solutions for this problem if Epic doesn’t fix it in due time. The most obvious one is contacting the Epic Games Store support with your account name, describing the situation and where you purchased the key. Another option is getting directly in touch with Gearbox, hoping that it was a problem with a bunch of faulty keys, and they can provide a replacement.

None of these options are the ideal, as it should take some days to solve the error. If you don’t want to wait, you can always ask for a refund to the retailer where you purchased the Borderlands 3 key, and either purchase a new key from another retailer or skip the game altogether. The latter doesn’t seem like an option for most players, given the several years of waiting for Borderlands 3.