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Borderlands 3 FPS Drops | Low frame rate fix

We bet that you’re one of the many players who has encountered Borderlands 3 FPS drops since the game launched. You aren’t alone, either, as tons of reports have come in about low frame rate issues in Gearbox’s latest entry in the series. If you want to know how to fix this prevalent problem, allow us to intervene. Our Borderlands 3 FPS drops guide will give you some solutions to this annoying bug and get you back Vault Hunting in no time. Dive in to see what’s what.

Borderlands 3 FPS Drops | Stuttering issues

Borderlands 3 FPS Drops

The Borderlands 3 FPS drops aren’t reserved for players who go it alone. There have been countless reports of this issue in a massive thread on Reddit, and it’s affecting those playing single-player and multiplayer modes.

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People have complained that they are experiencing frame rate drops and stuttering problems no matter what they do. There are reports of a drop in frames when you aim down your sights or when you try to pick up loot. Others have experienced problems in split-screen and co-op modes, as Borderlands 3 struggles with more than one player firing their guns or using their abilities.

It doesn’t make a difference what platform you’re playing on too. PC, PS4, and Xbox One users have all had run-ins with frame-rate drops.

Borderlands 3 FPS Drops | How to fix

Borderlands 3 FPS Drops

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official fix for this problem. Gearbox and 2K don’t seem to be completely aware of it yet, so you can help them out by submitting a bug ticket on the 2K support page.

There are a couple of temporary PC fixes that appear to solve the issue. One Reddit user claims that reducing the “Overall Quality” of graphics to “very low” causes the stuttering to stop for the most part. It doesn’t stop frame rate issues when aiming down sights, but that’s better than nothing.

Another user also stated that changing the “Texture Streaming” to “low” helps for a while, but that the problem rears its head again. There are no fixes for consoles yet, so keep an eye out for future patches from Gearbox that should solve this.