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Does Borderlands 3 Have Split-Screen?

Plenty of people are already wondering if there are Borderlands 3 co-op and multiplayer options in Gearbox’s upcoming title. Whether it’s online, local co-op, or playing in split-screen mode, gamers will want to know if these features are available. Find out all there is to know with our Borderlands 3 co-op and multiplayer guide. Here’s your answer to “Does Borderlands 3 have split-screen?”

Borderlands 3 Co-op and Multiplayer | Is it available?

borderlands 3 co-op and multiplayer

Yes, there are co-op and multiplayer modes in Borderlands 3. It would be mad for Gearbox and 2K Games not to include any form of multiplayer in the game, considering that Borderlands 3 players travel across worlds as a four-strong raiding team.

The game will support co-op for up to four players then, given the size of these raiding parties. If there’s only two of you playing, you won’t be matched up with two other players online either. There’s no need to worry about being paired up with people you don’t want to game with.

Borderlands 3 Co-op and Multiplayer | Can I play split-screen?

borderlands 3 co-op and multiplayer

Throw your hands in the air and celebrate, fellow gamers. There is a split-screen feature as part of the Borderlands 3 co-op and multiplayer option. No more will you have to play with your friends over the internet. Instead, you can invite them around to your place, squash together on the couch, and game in each other’s company.

The split-screen co-op feature was shown off briefly in the Borderlands 3 announcement trailer, which was posted to Gearbox’s official Youtube channel on Wednesday, April 3. The footage, which is seen around the 0:47 mark, shows two players gaming on the same screen. This is shown off around five seconds further into the video, too.

Unfortunately for PC players, this split-screen feature is exclusive to console editions of Borderlands 3. Patrick Fenn, producer at Gearbox, responded to one fan’s query about this late in Match. He confirmed that PS4 and Xbox One owners could play split-screen, but the PC port wouldn’t have this option available. Pour one out for our PC brethren, everyone.#

Borderlands 3 Vertical Split-Screen | Does it have vertical split-screen?

Does Borderlands 3 Have Split-Screen

While it will come as a piece of great news to many that there is split-screen co-op in Borderlands 3, its implementation of split-screen is proving to be the cause of a good amount of controversy and criticism. Although there is split-screen in the game, it is limited. There is currently no Borderlands 3 vei neertical split-screen. It appears as though hundreds of people are taking online to complain about the lack of vertical split-screen in Borderlands 3. It may seem silly at first, but dig a little deeper into the complaints and you’ll find there are good reasons for the anger and annoyance with this issue.

For many, the Borderlands games are best enjoyed played in co-op. Plenty of you out there wish to play Borderlands 3 in local co-op with friends, family members, or partners. The trouble is, playing it in its (only available option) horizontal split-screen mode is rendering the text tiny and unreadable. The horizontal split-screen is creating Borderlands 3 text size issue where players can’t read it. People have been taking to the official Gearbox forums to complain about the tiny text size in Borderlands 3. It seems as though it doesn’t matter how big people’s TVs and monitors are. The lack of vertical split-screen is rendering the UI text size far too small.

Thankfully, Gearbox should be aware of the lack of vertical split-screen and the problems it appears to be causing for many. People have been taking to the Gearbox Facebook account to complain about the lack of vertical split-screen options in Borderlands 3. You might need to be logged in to view the comment made, but the Gearbox Facebook account is at least aware of the issue. Gearbox on Facebook explained that it has “seen a bunch of requests for this and have passed it along.” Hopefully, Gearbox will add vertical split-screen into Borderlands 3 sooner, rather than later and fix the tiny text issue, too.