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How to link Call of Duty to Twitch | Modern Warfare Twitch Drops

Modern Warfare fans will be stoked to hear that Call of Duty Twitch drops have returned. Announced alongside the launch of Modern Warfare Season 1, players can now link Call of Duty to Twitch and earn rewards by tuning in to their favorite streamers. The process of linking is simple, but there are a few steps worth considering, particularly for players who had previously earned Twitch drops from Call of Duty streams.

How to link Call of Duty Account to Twitch

How to link Call of Duty account to Twitch drops

The first thing players need to start earning Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Twitch drops is an active Call of Duty account. For most users, this step probably won’t be necessary, as they already have an active account. For everyone else, the process is simple: Just head to this page on the game’s website, enter your email address, then follow the activation procedure.

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After you’ve got your Call of Duty Account credentials, follow this link over to the Call of Duty website. Once logged in, look for the option to link accounts. It’s that simple. However, Activision has stated that users who have previously linked their Call of Duty Account to Twitch will be required to re-link their accounts. Whether you’ve earned Call of Duty Twitch drops before or not, the account must be linked (or re-linked) to earn drops during this promotional period.

Once both accounts have been linked, users only need to tune in to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare streams on Twitch to start earning rewards. Not every Modern Warfare streamer will be offering drops, of course, so it’s worth looking or asking if drops are enabled on any given stream.

Linking Call of Duty to Twitch is a simple enough process, but it will need to be repeated again, even if users have previously linked accounts before. Beyond that, just be sure to tune into Modern Warfare streams between now and December 10, as the current Modern Warfare Twitch drop promotion is set to end on December 10 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.